Monday 23 September 2013

Summery of the first week at school

So after the first day of school meaning ripped trousers etc things just got worse. Day two the teacher said
 "Ohhh Liam Is quite lively hes certainly going to keep us fit",
she gave me one of those disapproving looks as if to say he is naughty. Now don't get me wrong I know he is a handful he was meant to have been referred to a behaviour specialist which was around eight months ago but were still waiting, Liam can be a really good loving little boy when he wants to be, he is so easily excitable and just does not listen to anyone you would think he had a hearing problem but its selective more than anything else.
So the third day of school they tell me he is a wriggle bum and is refusing to sit on the carpet with the other children.
the fourth day Liam refuses to put his coat on and says he is not going home.
Day five ends up with Liam in time out for continuing to not listen and running around kicking children and furniture etc.

The school has a parents evening next Friday, I am dreading going I am doing my best to try and get him to behave but Liam seems to do what he wants to do, I am not a mum that sits back and lets him do as he pleases but I really am running out of things to do to help him improve his behaviour.

On the plus side Liam and Adam have both been in bed at six thirty every evening allowing me to have peaceful nights, which is a huge improvement to me running up and down the stairs till ten o'clock some nights! oh and further to the parents evening he has on Friday they also informed us they have a pirates day on Tuesday where they have all got to dress up as a pirate and pay a pound for the privilege so a costume he needs (home made) as well I will be letting you know how I get on with this in a further post!


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