Tuesday 8 October 2013

A tired mummy

I thought I would update you, I took Adam to the doctors yesterday and the doctor says its just a virus there favorite saying or so it seems, poor little thing is still barking like a dog and as for mummy this will be I think night six of virtually three to four hours sleep and I am exhausted, You will laugh yesterday instead of bringing the high chair in for Adam to sit and have his breakfast, I bought the ironing bored, I also nearly walked out of the house to pick Liam up from school, without taking Adam with me after I nodded off on the settee for ten minutes or twenty who knows in my mad rush of thinking I had got to pick Liam up I nearly forgot my son, its actually crazy what tiredness does to you, I feel like I cant function properly, my temper is shorter, I have more tears over stupid things that should never make me cry!

Whilst I was at the doctors, The doctor asked me, Why did Adam have a big purple bruise across the bridge of his nose? I explained to her that Liam had rammed the chair into his face whilst Adam had been laying on the settee, I cant help but think she gave me a look as if to say did you do this to him?
I was screaming in my thoughts I would never do anything to hurt either of my boys they are the most important things in the world, I pulled up Adams sleeves and showed her the two sets of bite marks on his arms where Liam has bitten him so hard he has left his whole set of teeth marks in his arms. The doctor said I needed help and support at home, Of course I know this I have been telling the health visitor, teachers and other health care professionals this for a long time.

Liam has behavioral issues I know and as a single mum I feel like I don't know what to do next with him which kind of makes me feel like I am failing him. Anyway the doctor told me that she is referring him to a behavioral specialist, you know what I did I sobbed I cant tell you the relief I felt when she said it, I feel like myself and most importantly Liam is going to get the help he deserves.
I will keep you updated on what happens next but I feel excited that our lives might be getting easier soon, but for now I am going to keep mummy yawning and hopefully remember to take my son to school with me tomorrow. Have you ever done anything crazy when you have been tired? I would love to hear your stories.     


  1. Great news, hope you can see some light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe try your local homestart too, they offer lots of support to those who need it.

  2. Ahhh bless! And have I ever done anything crazy when I have been tired? Yes - all the time because I am always tired!!! I have cut the grass when I was really tired - thought the fresh air would wake me up! And I ended up mowing over the cable (luckily my dad had attached one of those cut off thingies so I wouldn't get electricuted!) So thanks to my dad who saved my life because he predicted how silly I can be!


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