Wednesday 9 October 2013

Tractor Ted DVD #Review

I discovered this fantastic brand on twitter having never heard of Tractor Ted I gave them a follow as they were giving away a DVD about Tractor Ted, given that both my boys love tractors I thought I would try and win one for them, I was lucky enough to win one!

farming and tractor DVDs for children and kids

Let me tell you about Tractor Ted, Tractor Ted came from Alexandra heard. When her children were young her Journeys were delayed by his children making her stop to watch the tractors in the fields and of course like all children they were fascinated by the tractors, so she scoured the market for some footage of real life tractors for his children and their was nothing available, so the idea of Tractor Ted was born. In so in 2005 with the help of a trusted farmer friend they launched there first DVD called "Tractorland" it was a big hit.

Now with thirteen DVDs, 7 Books, children's toys and a range of clothes they are well established Their motto is "Real life fact and Fun"

The DVD I won is called Tractor Ted, Organic farm visit, at a quick glance I did wonder if the DVD would be too old for the boys with them only being nearly two and three and a half as on the Front of the DVD it says;
"Full of Exciting Real Life farm footage narrated by Tractor Ted"
It was the real life that made me think would it be too old for them, as the boys love cartoons and I have come across some real life DVDs before that I have thought the boys would like and they have been bored within minutes.

Well I hold my hands up I was completely wrong this DVD has been on for the past six to seven nights, each night I ask the boys what they would like to watch and each night I hear the same thing Tractor Ted, they absolutely love it, quite honestly I think it is fantastic the DVD is educational, there is a wealth of quite grown up information that is all narrated by this little green tractor. The DVD also incorporates songs, fun and games into it which makes it really good. Every night I can hear Adam singing about clovers in the fields yes he is not quite two or in tune but he really loves it.

I would definitely recommend this fabulous DVD to all parents its educational fun and real to farm life and most importantly children seem to love it! I know what will be on the boys DVD list this Christmas!

To find out more about Tractor teds merchandise and adventures through books and DVDs visit there website and why not give them a follow on Facebook or Twitter where you will find lots more information and fun

I wasn't asked to write this review but I have because the boys loved it so much the DVD was a prize won through a giveaway.        


  1. I've never seen this, looks good fun.

  2. Lol at your son singing about Clovers in the fields, so cute. It sounds like a really wholesome, lovely video, might get it for my daughter.

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