Sunday 27 October 2013

Educating your child about money iChild finances #Review

We all have an idea in our mind about about what we would like our children to know about money most parents will want children to save to stay out of debt and of course we would all like them to be wealthy.

Have you ever thought about how you are going to teach your children the basic knowledge about money? for example what the separate coins look like?  How you add up the coins? how many coins to add together to make up a different coin? Its all important things children need to know, how many parents think that children will learn all they need to know at school? What ever you can teach them from home as a parent from as early an age as possible, is going to set the stepping stones for the rest of there lives, giving them essential skills and knowledge and your children will be grateful for this when they grow up.

Introducing to you F&C Superstar Savings education programme 

This Programme was designed to help children to learn about finances whilst making education fun. The three packs are divided into age appropriate groups, the under fives, 5-7 and 7-11.
iChild is an online learning program. All the activity's and resources are printable online and there really are a lot of activity's, they are great fun, the actiites work though all the basics from being able to name the different coins in British currency, being able to add them together and some exercises to show just how much items can cost costs.

iChild has been designed with childminders, parents, teachers or well anyone that wants to teach children about the values of money and how to save. There is a huge amount or resources available also the F&C Saving Superstar programme ties in with the national curriculum which is fantastic to know, not only that the packs have special occasion resources to tie in with the programme, with themes like Halloween and religious festivals such as Eid and Christmas. its all fantastic fun education for children.

There are ten activity's to complete in each age group although with both the boys being under five we only tried this pack as its age appropriate for them. With each activity's there is a reward chart to praise your child and  keep them engaged with the activity at the end of the activity's there is a downloadable and printable certificate.

Educating children about the value of money

The activity's included in the pack are:
  • Looking at money 
  • looking at the value of money and what could they buy?
  • counting up small sums
  • there is a super reward chart
  • gold stars 
  • A savings superstar certificate
 educating children about the value of money
The activities are quite easy however, more than one activity in a day I think would be to much obviously this is depending on each individual child of course, but for my Liam it was to much, I loved and Liam loved cutting out the coins and matching up the coins on the relevant activities He loved the reward stars as well.
On the website their are lots of free resources available alongside this there is the option for an upgradable gold membership which costs £79 per year, I think the price is quite reasonable if you are going to use the site a lot, also with the membership comes discounts and offers on things like Legoland Windsor, Chessington World of Adventure and similar day trips and outings. 
Plus if you become a gold member you have access to printable material such as flash cards and posters which can all be personalised. 
Over all I thought the Saving superstar pack was a very educational and helpful pack which really will help to teach your child the values and importance of money, it is simple to use, I am not to sure about the fact you have to print it all off I think it would be far better if you could order workbooks and then just print off the extra parts as they come along as it could prove quite costly. 
In terms of learning Liam is really enjoying the money part especially working out what he would like to buy with it and it seems to be working, with him being just three it is taking us a while to get through each activity as he doesn't always understand it first time but as a parent I know Rome wasn't built in a day and I would rather he knew each learning activity properly.

To find out more about the F&C Saving Superstar Activities for children why not take a look at there website.

I have received a free upgrade to a gold membership for the purpose of this review however all opinions expressed are honest and my own. 


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