Sunday 27 October 2013

Laughing Learning and having Fun in the garden.

Its that time of year we have shut the patio door, packed the bikes away locked the shed ready for the horrible winter weather. Rain and high winds they tell me is not to far away makes me very happy, I think not!

It makes me wish we could some how skip the winter and jump straight back to spring, but its never too early to start thinking about what to do with the garden next year, I love the garden and so do the boys we spend most of our time outside the boys running in and out of there paddling pool and pointing at the sky as the aeroplanes go over, we love listening for the sound of the birds and watching for any unexpected visitors like butterflies and beetles.

For the boys the garden is one big adventure its a place where the boys are free to run jump dig and be whoever they want to be they can kick the ball as high as the sky or paint all the fences with water it really is somewhere they can just be there selves, most of the fun they have in our garden is through imagination, so I have been thinking how I can make the garden even more exciting by introducing some fantastic toys outside for the boys to play with.
What is going to help with there development as well keep them laughing learning and having fun?

I asked Liam what would you like in your garden?
The only thing he says is carrot's and compost this is because he has been watching DVDs with how to grow vegetables, but i absolutely love his idea. taking his idea and turning it into reality isn't that hard, what about if we bought a sand pit and filled it with compost. we could plant seeds and watch things grow, I always think that gardening has an air of tranquillity about it and hopefully it also will teach the boys to be responsible and to look after things.

How about an amazing Pirate ship to play on the boys could man the deck and hold tight whilst the
water and storm whoosh's through the garden we could have a pirate picnic, or knowing Liam he would make Adam walk the plank but what a fantastic toy to have outside, there are several choices that are available we could have just the whole boat or below the boat come activity play centre they're both brilliant, which would you choose?

I guess if the boys had just the pirate ship then they could have a separate activity play centre look at all of these beauty's!

There really is so much choice to choose from any child would be absolutely thrilled to bits to have one of these beasts in the garden children love to slide, swing and climb my boys included great for keeping them active to!

 I think the boys deserve somewhere to bounce outside its better than there beds and they wont get told off for it the boys would love the freedom! So how about a trampoline, trampolines come in sizes from 8ft all the way up to being huge at 16ft here are some of the ones we love!

I would also love to put in the garden some role play toys I think its really important to have some toys that are real to life in which they can grow and learn with not only that of course they are going to need somewhere to sit and eat the food they cook!

Between myself and the boys we have loads of ideas for the garden realistically I am never going to be able to fit it all in or be able to afford all the items on our wish list our garden isn't the biggest and is pretty much a blank canvas at the moment let me show you what it looks like right now...........

As you can see the garden isn't that big and the boys have outgrown there slide, there is no way we would fit all the above into the garden, but isn't it lovely to dream. Here is an idea of what we would love our garden to look like and which items we certainly could fit in and would love outside as well as some added extras for mummy!

Alright I know what your thinking I am never going to be Picasso! but this Is my try at a garden diagram! we would like to have a trampoline, the pirate boat, a picnic table, a kitchen, a sandpit come vegetable patch and a climbing and activity set  I would also put an extra row of paving slabs in so there is more room for the boys to ride there bikes, I could have a double sunbed with sun umbrella, after all I want to watch and relax whilst the boys play. I would also put some night lights around the garden so when the sun goes down I could enjoy the peace and tranquillity that gardens air.
below are all of the items I think would add to our garden making it great fun which would hear the sound of lots of laughter and to help bring some learning through play.

How would you re-design your garden? and what items would put into it if you had the opportunity to put in anything you wanted? all the items displayed in the photos above are all items available from  Activity toys to turn your garden into a mini adventure and to find out more about the products above and the prices why not pop over to their website and take a look,
 they have a fantastic range of outdoor items and also have some great items for indoors too!


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