Monday 21 October 2013

Please Santa Bring me a new Hoover!

As you all know I cleaned my living room carpet last weekend and how fabulous it looks, Or looked one week after and we already have some dirty patches reappearing where the boys have dropped juice and food bits which is pretty rubbish, It doesn't help that every night when I hoover I find myself going over and over the same patches because my hover doesn't seem to have much suction, it tries but I don't think there is much life in the poor old thing.

This got me thinking I really want a new cleaner so I started having a look round online and lets face it when you think of a decent brand whats the first thing you think of?

I thought of Dyson It is a massive house hold name and a very popular trusted brand. Dyson was  founded in 1993 by sir James Dyson after manufacturing his first what he would call perfect machine, in just 18 short months became the fastest selling vacuum cleaner in the United Kingdom.
Today Dyson sell products in over 50 countries worldwide they employ numerous amounts of people and the company prides its self on engineering products which work in different and better ways than other manufacturers.

Dyson's hoovers used to be enormous but now they come in all different shapes sizes and colours, I suppose like everything products evolve usually getting smaller and smarter, I have been browsing the John Lewis Website, oh how fantastic the hovers look Its sad, but I actually got excited when my eyes fixed on this one its Dyson's smallest ever hoover called the DC49 Multi floor complete cylinder vacuum cleaner, It sounds amazing and has 5 stars by review this is It.........


I Know whats going to be on my list this year for Santa Clause, Although I am not sure realistically santa will be that generous, however I will be aiming to save for one of these mini little beauty's.

what would be you favourite hoover and what will Santa be bringing you this year I would love for you to share your thoughts? 

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  1. Wow this is smart. I wouldn't mind one of these myself!

    @auntygeek (Twitter)


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