Saturday 12 October 2013

Sudocrem skin care products #review

For as long as I can remember Sudocrem has been a big part of my life. When I was a health care assistant in my first job in a hospital I was introduced to it, then as I trained to be a staff nurse it was always there the little saviour in the Gray tub with the red label. So naturally as I had my own children to soothe there soft little bottoms I always used Sudocrem.

Sudocrem have added some new products to there range and they asked me if I would review them so here is the first,

Sudocrem Care and Protect

skin care and nappy rash treatment

Sudocream care and protect is specifically designed for babies, it is an innovative new product that offers triple action protection for babies sensitive skin that are prone to nappy rash, whilst still being gentle on there skin.

This product is a barrier cream that that locks in the skins natural moisture, the cream conditions and smooths whilst gently stimulating the skins natural healing process. By forming a gentle barrier it also helps prevent infection.
Sudocrem care and protect contains Pro vitamin B5 and vitamin which both help protect the skin it is also hypoallergenic which every parent loves to hear. Pro vitamin B5 has also been shown to act as an anti-inflammatory (reduces redness and swelling) on skin.

The packaging I have to say is every parents dream whilst you child is wriggling and trying to crawl
off you can just flip the lid on this little tube, the Sudocrem inside the tube is quite runny so it comes out of the tube quite easily, you only need one hand which makes life so much more easier and quicker. Sudocrem has quite a distinct scent which is quite lovely and fresh it really doesn't differ that much to the original cream in the Gray tubs apart from the fact that it is much easier to apply.

The cream comes in a 30g, 40g and 50g tube which doesn't seem an awful lot but I have to say a little bit does really go a long way. Sudocrem is available to buy at most supermarkets with the 30g tube priced at £3.99, 40g - £4.99 and the 50g is priced at £5.99 per tube.

Sudocrem moisturising mousse

With the weather turning colder we all suffer from time to time with dry skin, Cold air and other factors of the environment help to contribute to this, babies and children are just at much risk of having dry skin as the rest of us like adults some children suffer more with dry skin than others.

Sudocrem mousse is hypoallergenic, it intensely moisturises skin from the moment you start using
it. It is free from artificial colours, parabens, perfumes and other preservatives. The mousse style bottle makes it easy to use when you have children that just don't want to stay still!

I have been trying this out on Adam over the last week or so, I have never tried out any sort of moisturising lotions on him and I have to say it really is easy to use the fact that it comes out in a blob I think gives it a little bit of  added fun and he has been helping me to rub it in. The cream itself is not sticky or greasy which is great because I am not keen on creams that are greasy.

Adam has some dry patches on his elbows and the backs of his legs, I have to say they are looking a lot better than they were previously I think using this mousse continuoulsy every day will clear it up completely and keep dry patches at bay,  However his skin is already feeling very smoothe and soft, it also looks healthier. 

Sudocrem moisturising mousse is available to buy at boots and other retailers it is priced at £8.99 per bottle, I think its slightly more than I would pay for moisturising lotion However you get what you pay for and it really is a fantastic product.

Sudocrem skin care

This is a 30g little tube that has especially been designed to tackle skin care problems, for those problematic areas like elbows, knees and the face the ingredients of this little wonder are more or less the same as the original cream, but this is non-medicated, less harsh and less drying on the skin which is great especially for when using cream on the face.

I have to say I would have never noticed this cream on the shelf as the packaging is very similar to the nappy rash cream, However I have been using this cream and my skin does look far better than it was previously especially my face, it really does help with blemishes and dry patches it also keeps your skin moist after applying foundation over the top of it, although you really don't need a lot as a small blob of this cream really does go a long way also to much can leave you face feeling greasy. 

This product is priced at £1.99 per tube which I think is a great price for a skin cream, I also love that the tube is handbag size so it is really convenient to carry where ever you go! 

Sudocream is a great product And I would definitely recommend all three of these fantastic products as I loved them all, my particular favorite being the skin care cream because as a mum you look for convenience, this product certainly gives you that, a definite must have for your handbag!

To find out more about the Sudocream and there full range of products visit

All three of these products were sent to me free of charge for the purpose of the review all opinions expressed are honest and remain my own 


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  4. SUDOCREM! I hope they never, ever go out of business


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