Friday 18 October 2013

Time fly's Adam you're nearly 2!

Two years ago Adam we were all getting ready for you to be born your daddy had a badly sprained ankle from falling over, Liam was just a toddler at 19 months and mummy was heavily pregnant clucking around like a mother hen looking after everyone and preparing myself for you to be born I unfortunately had c-sections with both you and Liam for medical reasons.  

We all knew you were going to be a boy as we found out at an earlier scan we even knew what day you were going to be born. But it didn't make it any less exciting. We were all so excited to meet you, me and daddy hadn't decided on a name although we both liked Adam I liked Charlie but I promised your dad he would have the final say, in which he did when you were born, his mind was made up you were Adam Dennis, Dennis after your grandpa and it suited you I loved it.
You were so tiny smaller than Liam was when he was born, your little face was all bruised as they had used forceps on you, I think you must have been quite comfortable in their as you didn't want to come out. Myself and daddy were so proud to hold you you were so cute but really tiny we had to buy you some more clothes as you got lost in all your outfits!

How you have grown and developed from them it makes me sad I don't have a tiny baby any more, but you make me so proud every day you make me laugh and smile you make mummy cross sometimes and you certainly make sure food don't last in the cupboards very long you should be huge in weight and size the amount you eat but you seem to remain little in fact you have been in a little size five shoe for what seems forever and you are still wearing 12-18mths clothes but i am sure you will catch up with Liam one day, I am convinced you will be the tallest even though your little now.

So this time next week you will be turning two not a baby any more your turning into a little boy.
we are all going to an indoor play area for your birthday in the morning and will probably have a little buffet tea in the afternoon mummy is even going to try to bake a cake, try I say loosely as I am not the most artistic but I am sure you will love it whatever it looks like.

I hope this time next week you have a fantastic day. I am sure you will be spoilt rotten as usual, but I don't mind for one day I love to hear you laugh and cant wait to see you smile when you open your presents.         

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