Thursday 17 October 2013

Persil Small and Mighty bio #Review

Product discription:    

Ground-breaking NEW Persil small and mighty is here to help with whatever life throws at you. Its Innovative Triple cleaning system formulation and stain earaser ball with its simple
 "Pour, Pop, Rub" 
 function has been specially designed with mums in mind NEW Persil small and mighty shifts even the toughest stains, Letting kids get active and make a mess with out having to worry about the stains left on clothing .

stain removing washing powder removes all tough stains on children's clothes

Recently I was asked if I would like review Persil small and mighty in their campaign to help children to have fun and enjoy the outside, however the weather has been so miserable with the continuous rain playing outside just hasn't been practical for the boys but we decided to make the most of the goodie box sent to us from the living room.

In the box we have paints some string and a magnifying glass, Persil really want mums to put there new 3X cleaning system in Persil small & mighty to the test.

The top ten stains mums find hardest to remove are
  • Pasta Sauce
  • Grass
  • Pen ink
  • Mud/soil
  • Chocholate
  • Paint
  • Ice-cream
  • Fruit
  • Juice
  • Ketchup
Myself and the boys had great fun with this. I found two T-shirts that are white, first of all I drew on them some pen just a normal Biro some shapes for them to paint on, next I added some of the products from the list of worst stains to a paint palette.
In it I put chocolate, pasta sauce, jam, ketchup, paint and we used juice to dip the paint brushes in.
The boys painted away they really had great fun Adam finished his creation off by tipping the juice all over the T-shirt, we did try the Tye-dye effect with the string but the boys couldn't quite get the hang of what I wanted them to do do but they had a fantastic time.

stain removing washing powder removes all tough stains on children's clothes  

This was the end master piece

stain removing washing powder removes all tough stains on children's clothes
But of course I couldn't leave the T-shirts like this as the boys would love to paint them again, so the idea is to pop the little ball type jug out of the center pour over the small and mighty and rub with the stain eraser ball.
Which is exactly what I did I followed the instructions on the back of the bottle I used the larger amount of solution recommended poured it into the little jug up to the second fill line and then poured it over the two T-shirts, I used the under side of the ball/jug to rub in the solution once it was fully covered on the most stained areas I filled the ball/jug again and placed it on top of the clothes inside the washing machine. I left them to wash only on a 40C wash cycle, to be honest looking at the lovely designs the boys had created above I wasn't holding out much hope for the product because its rare to come across a product that does what it says on the bottle.

The result;

stain removing washing powder removes all tough stains on children's clothes
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This is actually the same T-shirts that the boys painted I cant believe it I have to say I am shocked at how white they are, you cant see from this picture but there are still some marks around the neck and at the bottom but you have to look really closely to see them, I think though these are left because I missed some of the T-shirt when using the jug/ball

Overall this product is amazing I cant believe it actually does what it says on the bottle, it means that when the boys get food down themselves or role in the mud and grass as boys do, I don't have to think well that's going to be ruined now and throw it away just "Pour, Pop, Rub" some small and mighty Persil on and were sorted!
I would absolutely recommend this product its well worth the money. The price of the product is 
  1. 525ml- 15 washes- £4.69
  2. 875ml-25 washes- £6.79
  3. 1400ml- 40 washes- £9.99
  4. 2100ml- 60 washes- £13
The price is around average for a clothes washing products which is great! this is an excellent product that all parents are going to love.

To find out more about this product you can visit there website or you can find them on Facebook and Twitter



  1. If only I had known about this product 5wks ago, I had put my boys in 2 very lovely Lacoste t-shirts and off we went to the schools open day, off they went playin and goin round all the stalls as kids do and yes there it was the FACE PAINTING STALL I looked at my boys and then down at there tops which are bright white brand new and cost me a fortune then for them to be tellin me they want spiderman painting on their face, so off they went they looked lovely after they had it done, TShirts did not mind u....!!!! Later tht day off they came and straight into the wash, out they came and nope there were the remains of the face paint still on there lovely bright white tops, I'd left it in soak over night, then again the next I thought well thts it there ready for the bin final last wash and it had came out so I'd put bk in the washer to take out but only went and put darks in without checkin on went the washer and out came grey tops I about cried after all my hard work days of trying to get these stains out and then this!!!
    If I had this product in the first place none of this would of happened I'd of poured popped rub and all been fine this will b on my shopping list for the weekend xx

    1. wow Hayley that was some story I cant believe you did that to their lacoste T-shirts OMG I would be mortified I would definitely recommend having this in the cupboards for horrible stains! I still cant believe it actually worked!


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