Thursday 17 October 2013

#School is getting better


After having a chat with Liam's teacher today she has informed me that Liam's behavior is dramatically changing and not for the worse for the better he has started to hang his coat and bag up when he gets into the class, he is learning to share, he has started to listen.The teacher tells me he loves to dance, dance I thought are you sure you are talking about my child?!

Apparently he loves the marble run and the pretend sweet shop that also sells ice cream which is typical of Liam ever the sweet tooth! he has also been making card board chickens and caterpillars, and he has lots of little stars in his folder which he looked so proud of himself about. The teacher says he knows all his shapes and colours but is struggling with his numbers. he is still naughty sometimes and his listening has a lot of work to be done but over all we are making slow steady steps.

They have given me some WOW slips to use whilst we are at home the idea is every time Liam does something amzing or maybe gets him self undressed or listened maybe helped clean up I have to fill in a WOW slip and send it with him to school where they pin them all on the board, which i think is a great idea lots of positive steps to help him focus more and with the outside help we are getting soon im sure things can only get better I am a very proud mummy and it feels great!

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