Thursday 31 October 2013

Trick Or Treat

I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween evening the boys went trick or treating for the first time, we got to the first door and they knocked on it, a lady opened it and Adam just tried to walk straight in which was quite funny but guided by self he took a sweet and very quickly got the hang Of "Trick Or Treat" they would though they love the sweets they only went to around ten houses and we only approached the ones with pumpkins in the windows but it was enough to come back with a small mountain of sweets each!

We had a bit of a disaster when we got home, I had given Liam a devils fork which was a glow stick, I didn't realise he would chew the stick and make a hole in it, I heard him screaming, went rushing into the living room to find his face was glowing red he had rubbed all the stuff in his eyes he was covered in the glow solution, I ran him to the sink and washed his eyes out and face it took him while to stop screaming, his face was all blotchy and red, it looked a bit swollen I was considering taking him down the hospital but he seems to be alright now the swelling didn't last long it was quite scary at the time for me and him!, note to self do not let children have glow sticks!

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