Tuesday 15 October 2013

Who needs toys?

Ok so I know Christmas Is fast approaching its creeping up on us all, With every minute that passes us by its that little bit closer. Every time I pass a shop there are promotions, cards, food, and toys the television every ten minutes with adverts showing us what wonders we "Need" to buy or what piece of shiny plastic the boys should be wanting as the promoters make them all look so fantastic like it would be the end of the world if you didn't buy their product.

As a mum of course I want the boys to have what they ask for at Christmas, the latest top toys.
I have always spent a lot on both the boys at Christmas, But do they really need all of these shiny new toys that by February will be scattered across there bedroom, or they have broken, we do try to look after things but they're kids they do break things by standing on them or throwing them in temper.
This year I have decided I am not going to go absolutely mad spending money. The boys are not going to have everything they want just for the sake of having gifts under the tree. They are going to have one big toy each and then lots of stocking fillers that are educational, fun and most importantly they last a long time hopefully.

This week I had a parcel delivered it came in quite a big box which of course the boys wanted, the box I mean, and you know they have played with the box for over a week, as probably all parents know kids just love to play in boxes. they have loved every minute laughing, hiding, playing shops. In fact Liam decorated the box with stickers he was so proud of himself!  


Watching them this week quietly playing and laughing in their box made me think, kids really don't need the latest gadget or gizmo, lots of love and a simple toy or should I say box brings them hours of fun! Now don't get me wrong of course I will be buying the boys presents for Christmas, I just think I will be a lot more selective and not buying them masses of presents that by February will be gathering dust in the corner with wasted pound signs all over them. 

Always ask do they want it? Do they really need it? Will they play with it? I don't think this works every time but for most it will! 
What will you be buying for you children this Christmas? Will you be buying the latest gadgets? or will you be finding the best bargains? I know I will be looking for age appropriate bargains but not to many as I know to much is always going to be wasted.

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