Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A Post-it Christmas #Review

With Christmas just round the corner were all looking for something special for our loved ones, Post-it have a new selection of gifts/stocking fillers available

When Post-it got in contact and asked me to review one of their products I couldn't help but wonder what I was going to have to say about sticky bits of paper, because in truth when someone says Post-it notes sticky bits of paper is what I think of.

Well what arrived at my door wasn't just some Post-it notes this is what arrived,

A beautiful pink heart shaped Post-it dispenser/paper weight not exactly what I had imagined for them to send! It is very practical and would make a fun, cheerful and trendy accessory for any desk.

The dispenser comes with one set of post-it notes, that are stuck together in such a way that each pops out out once the top one is removed. The Post-it dispenser is very well made this would make the perfect gift for any one who has a love for stationary or works in an offce! it is priced at just £7.49 which is a great price for a must have gift.

The Post-it Brand from 3M has a fun Pop-up Z-Notes Dispenser for all the family. Also available to buy is the handbag style dispenser, perfect for a lover of fashion, style and handbags also for people with a love for quirky gifts.


There is also the the Karate style Post-It dispenser this is a bit more macho and I would say aimed more towards a man, not knowing what to get a male colleague could never be easier with Post-it,
you just cant go wrong this Post-It dispenser is priced at just £9.39 another great price and I would have thought this is within a secret Santa budget making it a fantastic buy!

If you don't know what to get your loved one or colleague this Christmas these are the perfect quirky gift, they are fun, funky and practical at the same time! no matter what your age the Post-it Brand from 3M has a fun Pop-up Z-Notes Dispenser for all the family.

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