Tuesday 5 November 2013

Reveiw, Greenvale farmfresh potatoes

I was asked to review some potatoes, yes potatoes it has took me a long time to think about how I would review these, so It couldn't be more perfect with it being bonfire night my favorite potatoes are Jacket potatoes they are delicious, I don't usually pay much attention to the potatoes I am buying in the supermarket I usually pick up a bag of baked and a bag for roasts/new during the week, some last longer than others and some are more tasty than others.

potatoes for all occasions they stay fresher for longer

GreenVale FarmFresh come in an old style paper potato sack which is designed to keep them fresher for longer. They are a great all-rounder potato so are apparently ideal for boiling, roasting, mashing or making chips.

potatoes for all occasions they stay fresher for longer

The Potatoes look just like any old potatoes, visually they really don't look any different at all, So in the spirit on bonfire night I decided to make us all jacket potatoes cheese and beans.

potatoes for all occasions they stay fresher for longer

The taste, I they are quite creamy and smooth in texture, there is definitely more flavor than just your average potatoes, I thought they were delicious and the bag is just the right size for us, for the week it makes shopping a lot simpler to buy one all rounder rather than lots of different types of of potatoes.
The paper bag did help; these potatoes kept nice and fresh and it is also far better for the environment to go paper, rather than plastic.I can definitely see myself looking out for these instead of just going for the loose potatoes/bagged potatoes. They are available from Tesco for around £2.50 for a 2kg bag.

I would definitely recommend buying these lovely fresh potatoes if your indecisive about meal time like myself at least with Greenvale farmfresh potatoes you know you have a flexible potatoe that will fit with any meal choice.    

These potatoes were sent to me for the purpose of this review all opinions expressed remain honest and my own.  

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