Monday 4 November 2013

intellicig disposable electronic cigarettes #Review

As I said in my previous post smoking just is not cool anymore. I was offered the chance to try out intellicig disposable electronic cigarettes and to be honest I didn't know if I was quite ready to give up smoking. But what I did know was 1) I cant afford to smoke and 2) I really don't want the boys growing up and smoking themselves.
I had agreed to the review and two and a half weeks ago, two disposable electronic cigarettes dropped on to my mat,

the best electronic cigarette to help you give up smoking

I have never tried any electronic cigarettes before, I was quite nervous about them, which seems like a really stupid thing to be when I have been smoking cigarettes for fifteen years and probably in the last five years that has increased to around twenty ciggarettes a day which is quite scary. I thought I need to bite the bullet, I have a review to write, really I had no excuse of why I couldn't or shouldn't stop smoking. So that very same day i finished my last packet of "dirty stinking fags" and started with the intellicigs.

Product description "Intellicig- disposable electronic cigarette is the only disposable ciggerette filled with ECOpure E-Liquid and uses the latest Cartomiser II technology. Fully charged, the disposable Intellicig e-cig is ready to use and can last up to 350 inhalations, equivalent to 35 regular tobacco cigarettes. It offer ultimate flexibility with no need for chargers and spare refills."

ECOpure means - Intellicig's own brand of E-Liquid, manufactured in the UK to medical standard. E-liquid is the water based nicotine solution that gets vaporised inside an electronic cigarette device and is then inhaled by the smoker. When the e-liquid is heated the liquid turns into a vapour that is then inhaled by the smoker in the same way you would with traditional tobacco smoke. The vapour or water based mist hits the back of the throat and gives users the same physical smoking sensation and "hit" as smoking tobacco but without the dangerous chemicals and associated health risks.

What did I think of the products? They both replicate the flavor/feeling and they really feel like you are having an actual cigarette, but without all the horrible chemicals.

There were a few moments that I did want a cigarette but these were quite few and far between and a puff on my intellicig seemed to combat the craving, I perhaps shouldn't speak to soon but I honestly have found it really easy to not have a cigarette with these E-cigs, plus I do want to give up so this has perhaps helped but over all I think these products are fantastic I would recommend using intellicig.

The price is £6.49 for each which when you think how much you spend on real cigarettes is a small drop in the ocean they also have re-useable starter kit available which is priced at £19.99 another bargain price when you think about the bigger picture and health benefits of giving up.

If you are thinking about giving up I would definitely recommend investing in the the intellicig electronic ciggerettes, they will help you in the long term to give up remember don't give up giving up, If I can do it so can you!

  Smoking just isn't cool anymore!

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