Monday 25 November 2013

Christmas lights in #Leicester

Christmas in Leicester looking at the lights

I Asked Liam the other night if he would like to go and see the Christmas lights he of course said he would love to.

I reminded him this morning that if he was good at school we would go to see the Christmas lights and I would treat them to a McDonald which I am not a big fan of the boys having but a little treat wont hurt!

When entered the school this evening to ask what the verdict was if he had been naughty I really wasn't going to take them, there reply he had been extremely good he had also been telling them he was going to see the Christmas lights, which makes me think he knows what he is doing with his behaviour!

This is the clock tower one of the main landmarks in the city which always has a tree at the side of it at Christmas looks quite cosy doesn't it and very much in the festive spirit.

Every year in Leicester they also have a lovely display of lights around the town hall square they have different themes they also have a nativity display and some Christmas style scenes this year there themes are the Wombles and Thomas the tank Engine unfortunately I couldn't get in to take photos of Thomas but we managed some of the display of the wombles the boys had an awesome time we had a visit to McDonalds as well which they really loved as a treat I have to say since seeing the lights I am feeling much more festive and in the mood for Christmas, I am starting to get that flutter of excitement!

Christmas in Leicester looking at the lights

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  1. Oh wow, very impressive Christmas tree! Glad you and the boys had a good time!xxx


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