Thursday 7 November 2013

#Health Depression and me

Its been a while since I have spoken to you about how I was and am feeling. In my last post Here, I was feeling pretty rubbish to say the least, its been over a month now, so let me tell you whats been going on.
I have been taking Anti-depressants for around six weeks now, if I miss one I really know to it, it makes me feel terrible. However over all I do feel a little bit better although my sleeping pattern is really not improving, I guess my night time anxiety often takes over how I feel and the ridiculous thing is I know all of my fears are completely irrational, but when I am on my own at night i cant help but feel the way I do.

Depression puts a negative spin on everything, including the way I see myself, the situations I encounter, and my expectations for the future.
But I can’t break out of this pessimistic mind frame by “just thinking positive.” Happy thoughts or wishful thinking won’t cut it. Rather, the trick that I am trying to obtain is to replace negative thoughts with more balanced thoughts.
but as I said I do feel slightly better, I am sort of swaying in the middle of that slippery slope. One way is the road to darkness the other is where the bright light lies my life as it was is hopefully their. The doctor today has increased my medication I think I just need that little bit more to completely help to get me over the hill and further onto the positive side.

I am trying to change my life and change things that make me feel rubbish about myself for example I liked smoking but worried about the health risks associated with it so I gave up three weeks ago and I intend for it to stay like that, I want to be a "Non-smoker", I also joined slimming world a week last Wednesday and through healthy eating and food optimizing I managed to loose a not to shabby 8lb in my first week! which has made me smile a lot!

I don't know if I am taking on to much, But what I do know is In order to overcome depression, I have got to take care of myself. This includes following a healthy lifestyle, learning to manage stress, setting limits on what I am able to do, adopting healthy habits, and scheduling fun activities into my day and life.

Hopefully this will all come together so when I can see the future clearly It is going to be a bright and happy one! 


  1. All the best with it. I suffer from quite severe depression and psychosis because of my PTSD. People always say look at the cup as half full it really isn't that easy your mind won't let you be positive sometimes. Working on other aspects of your health will help your mental well being. It's worth having a look online at mood gym it can give you some guides on how to manage some thoughts

    Personally I don't reap the benefits but I know of people who have and my mental health is quite complicated with the PTSD and the psychosis .

  2. I have been on anti depressants for about a year now. I don't really talk about it, but they do help. You're so right, you can only do so much and it is about making positive changes for yourself. Always here if you need to chat. It can be a hard road to travel, even with loving family and friends but there is light at the end of it. I am still struggling, but am completely different with how I feel now, to a year ago.

    I wish you are the best, congratulate you on your weight loss and quitting smoking! x


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