Wednesday 27 November 2013

Make more space for Christmas - Packmate vacuum storage #Review

Our house is a two bedroom house, although it is quite a large two bedroom house, as the boys are growing up there seems to be getting less space and more clutter, not only that our house was only built two years ago and it just has no storage in it. It has one cupboard upstairs, the only other storage we have, is from the furniture in the rooms. I am always looking different storage items to put more things in, clothes are especially troublesome as I tend to put all the clothes Liam has grown out of into a box, in the bottom of the wardrobe for Adam, although that box is pretty full and lets say over flowing.

I was offered the chance to review Packmate vacuum storage bags, my friend was actually telling me about these in the summer when she was getting ready to go on holiday, I have wondered if they were effective, I have also wanted to try them. I was sent a lovely selection from there vacuum range.

easy household storage space saving vacuum bags make lots of space for new items moving or holiday

I decided to try out the flat vacuum bags, I have been meaning to have a sort out for a while - you see believe it or not I have a drawer full of maternity clothing - I just haven't got round to putting it away, I took the Packmate vacuum bag out of the packet and laid it flat on the bedroom floor, the first thing I noticed was the design on one side of the bag it is very striking and really pretty I would actually have something like this as my wall paper its really nice, the opposite side of the bag is transparent it is also the side with the valve on it.

easy household storage space saving vacuum bags make lots of space for new items moving or holiday

The bags were really easy to fill with their wide opening on one side which is easily closed by a plastic zip that slides across the top of the bag, There is a simple valve on the clear side of the bag which lifts to open, you then place the hose of the vacuum cleaner on to the valve which expels the air from the bag before pushing the valve down to close it the solution is really simple.

Within the Packmate range of vacuum bags is a set of travel bags. These are a lot smaller and come in various sizes with the zip top feature but without the valve on the back of the bag. The beauty of these bags are that you can either roll them up, press them or if you have a vacuum cleaner handy you can poke the nozzle in a partial opening of the zip to compress the bag.

I am very impressed at how well the Packmate vacuum bags have performed they really are amazing, they have left me with loads of extra space in the house, great if you only have a small space or have a lot of things that need storing for certain months of the year.

Vacuum bags are great for items that you don’t use regularly particularly large bedding items or cushions, Or you have children's clothing to store, as I do when one is growing out of things the clothing goes into storage for the other one! Another advantage of using these bags for storage is that they protect against moisture, mildew, bugs and dirt- fabulous if like me you keep a lot of things in the attic. They are made from a tough tear resistant material that will withstand use again and again.

These storage solutions are a great idea for anytime of the year, I know for lots of you will be preparing for Christmas, and will be worrying about where you are going to put things to make room for guests well these fantastic bags are the perfect solution for keeping things tidy and what is more you will get more things in the tight spaces with your items compacted down.

All Packmate vacuum bags come with a 5 year guarantee and are available from Home Storage Direct which offers a fantastic free delivery on all orders. So why not pop over and have a look

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