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Unwrap the joy of Christmas with Cadburys #Review

Christmas chocolate from cadbury chocolate for all the family

Christmas just would not be the same with out Cadbury, This year Cadbury are doing things a little bit differently, they have launched there advertising Christmas campaign you have probably already spotted it on the television. The 60-second advert shows an entire London street, including real homes, fully wrapped in Cadbury branded paper, with local families waking one by one and discovering their neighbourhood ready to be unwrapped. The story aims to evoke the magic and mimic the excitement that Christmas morning brings for families.

This will be the first ever Christmas campaign Cadbury have brought about can you believe it? Its really hard to believe these super chocholatiers have never had a Christmas campaign before but then the word Cadbury speaks for its self  we all know how wonderfully delicious it is.

Christmas chocolate from cadbury chocolate for all the family

This year all the old favourite chocolates are back on the shelves oozing festivity and Christmas cheer. There are Roses and Miniature heroes for those of us that like to have that fabulous tin of chocs, to hand round to our guests when they visit over the Christmas period.
There are also tubes of freddo faces and Cadbury dairy buttons an excellent idea for a stocking filler that kids are going to love.

Also look at the dairy milk in the picture above, this year its a dairy milk with a twist, not in flavor but check out its woolly jumper design, with recent influx of retro jumper designs even Cadbury wants to get in on the latest trend! this definitely makes dairy milk the best dressed chocolate this year.

There is also a huge range of selection boxes and selection packs to choose from- great for gifts and some extra sweetness in the cupboard .
As well as all the classic brands from Cadbury there are also some new limited edition products about town this year-

Christmas chocolate from cadbury chocolate for all the family

The Cadbury Dairy milk mousse snowman, The snowman mousse has a soft vanilla centre, its not the aerated one like some of the Cadbury chocolate its a smooth very soft and fluffy with a deliciously creamy white chocolate, mixed with vanilla, rather than it just being all vanilla flavourerd. The snowman mousse is surrounded on the outside by classic Dairy Milk chocolate. Its taste's delectable and it is very moreish I don't think there was enough in one bar, I could have quite easily have eaten another couple. I really enjoyed it!

Christmas chocolate from cadbury chocolate for all the family

Also available for Christmas, is this limited edition winter wonderland dairy milk, The chocolate bar is made up of, Christmas tree shaped white and milk chocolate flavoured chunks - perfect for sharing with family and friends.

Don't Forget to buy your Cadbury chocolate Advent calender! We already have ours well the boys do At least I think I may treat myself to one as well as ever there is an array of Cadbury calenders to choose from a Christmas countdown for everyone.

Christmas chocolate from cadbury chocolate for all the family

As I said at the beginning Christmas would not be the same without Cadbury. Why not Unwrap some joy with your family - stock up!. Remember some of these products are special edition and limited edition so shop early! looking around the supermarkets, there are a lot of special offers around on Cadbury products definitely worth having a look at!

I was sent a selection of Cadbury joy for the purpose of this post all opinions expressed are honest and remain my own.           

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