Sunday 15 December 2013

Be safe this Christmas dont drink and drive!

be safe don't drink and drive home Breathalyzer

Its that festive time of the year when we all have lots of party's and/or festive events to attend to and if you are anything like me you will be drinking the alcohol sort, everyone I know is sensible enough not to drive on a night out,most accidents don't happen the same night, one in five of all drink related accidents occur 'the morning after' and just three to four drinks the night before could be enough to put you over the limit the next day.

Everyone wants to enjoy the festive season, but unintentional morning after drink driving is on the increase - almost doubling in the last 10 years. a personal breathalyser can be a great Christmas gift or stocking filler and may save a life or a driving license this Christmas.Protect friends and family by putting an award-winning breathalyser from AlcoSense on their Christmas list or Secret Santa list.

The AlcoSense is accurate, quick and easy to use and wil fit easily into a pocket or handbag. AlcoSense Lite, £39.99 which is a little expensive but having said that you cant put a price on a life or a driving license. If you cant afford that there is also AlcoSense - On a budget - this is a single use breathalyser this might be the best Secret Santa present/stocking filler you could buy a colleague/loved one. Twin pack AlcoSense Singles, £5.99.

Part of the responsible enjoyment of alcohol is to understand its effect on the body and to understand when you are safe to drive, AlcoSense helps people do exactly that and takes out the potentially fatal guess work the morning after. Don’t leave it to chance, why not pick up one of these for your self or anyone who you think will need one of these, practical pocket sized could be life savers today.

Both products are available to purchase at Boots online and in store.

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