Tuesday 17 December 2013

Woolly and Tig App #Review

young children and kids CBBC kids app great for learning

Woolly and Tig is a popular children's television program for anyone that doesn't know this involves Tig a little girl and Woolly a friendly spider both of my boys love the television program especially Adam who seems to have fallen in love with the spider. this week A brand new Woolly and Tig app has just been released and we have had the opportunity to test it out and I have to say we are very impressed by it!

The Woolly App has 2 main modes of play – the first is structured the second is free play, plus there is also a scheduler for parents to use. When you first open the app, it goes into free play mode with Woolly appearing on the screen the graphics of Woolly are great he is very cute. Woolly automatically starts giving directions to the child of what he would like them to do first, there is no reading to be done on the app all the instructions are verbal which means to here them you need the volume turned up or head phones to hand.

Once In free play mode, you can put woolly to sleep, cuddle him, play counting games and Adams particular favourite, to tickle him Woolly and Adam were both laughing together the instructions were very easy to follow and spoken in simple terms Adam seemed to pick up most of the instructions almost immediately.

young children and kids CBBC kids app great for learning

The Second part of the App is more structured and is split into six different sections;

Getting Dressed
Brush My Teeth
Wash My Face
Fun In The Rain
Fun In The Sun
Fun In The Snow

Each section is aimed to teach your child different activity's these go through a young child’s every day life and you get a reward for each task you complete a little bronze medal for each task you complete, There is a lot of focus about how to brush your teeth or how to help Woolly get dressed without making a fuss which is really good. Even though Adam is a little young to do this himself its never to early to start with the basics.

young children and kids CBBC kids app great for learning

There is another part that you can schedule tasks for your child which I think is a great idea and concept it could be very useful as the boys get a little bit older. As this is really good if you are trying to get them into a routine and the parent can set up reminders to complete tasks at a set time.

The Woolly and Tig App costs £2.99 which is the only downside to the App as I think its a little bit expensive side although it is very educational and the boys love it. The App is available now on the apple store – The App is colourful and fun and encourages their independent skills and improving children's concentration as they have to listen to the simple instructions given by Woolly. Its a big thumbs up from us for Woolly we really love this cute little spider and app in our house.

We downloaded the Woolly and Tig app for free for the purpose of this review all opinions expressed remain honest and my own

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  1. I love that there are apps for kids nowaways - my 3 year old niece is a whizz on her dad's iPad, it's crazy!


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