Saturday 4 January 2014

2014 is here........... Happy New Year!!

Slightly later than planned but I am back to writing lots of new posts after having a lovely break away of nearly two weeks off..... which I have to say has flown by but I am back for good. Christmas seems A lifetime ago now, the decorations are down and the room looks empty again, but the mass of toys still remain the boys were absolutely spoilt, the favourites being a little tikes kitchen (for them to share) a V-tech camera and the big city garage from early learning centre the boys love them! There has been a lot of laughter family time and lots of over indulgence - even Liam looks a bit podgy round the middle. 
For me the scales at slimming world told me I had put on 2lb through the Christmas week I am hoping any alcohol consumed on new year will be put right if I continue to eat sensibly from here on in.

So Let me tell you what I have planned for the year ahead with my blog first and foremost.....

As you all know I am officially signed up to be a shoplet blogger so there will be some more posts from them coming soon

I am also going to be reviewing products from the Birdseye blogging scheme bringing some products old and new to share with you.

I have also just received a lovely gift from Stylelux as I have joined up to there beauty blogger scheme, So there will be some more posts to come from this company. 
They have sent me some 10ml Pouches of blackhead killer face masks The mask comes in a pack of 10 and it is quite a strong face mask. You apply it for 10 minutes and then peel off. The face mask is totally black and cleans out any impurities from the skin. Once I applied it, I could quickly feel the effect of it getting to work. The style of packaging and the black colour of the mask makes it a very neutral product so suitable for men or women, I thought the mask was very kind to the skin, as my skin is quite sensitive and a lot of products leave it feeling dry but these left my skin feeling quite fresh and the mask really peeled off well, I thought they did what they are suppose to do on the packet.

I am hoping to bring you more posts about health and some other reviews from brand new and individual awesome products.

I will also be writing some lovely posts about our life and adventures which hopefully will be of many, I have decided this is going to be my year and I am going to make it fun and fabulous in every way so watch this space!

How was your Christmas and new year do you have any big plans for 2014? I would love to hear.....

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