Monday 6 January 2014

Goals for 2014

I am not a great personal achiever, I tend to set goals and not achieve them, well not all of them anyway Its because I think I set my sights to high in the first place and then get bored and don't end up achieving what I set out to in the first place - this in turn makes me feel like a failure but I have decided this year is going to be different I am going to set my goals as small steps which will hopefully help me achieve some great things in the first place!

Personal Goals


Days Out 


I have decided this year I want to do much more with the boys, I want them to see more experience more and most importantly have more fun of course the best way for them to learn at the ages they are, is through fun so that's my first plan of action I really want to take them to there first festival which will be in the summer visiting Lollibop, LolliBop remains the UK’s biggest ever festival for kids. It’s designed to delight mini festival goers, providing the best summer day out for under 10s and their families. fingers crossed we will get to do this one! and I want to take them to other fantastic days out to as well see places they and I have never seen before.

I am also determined I am going to make more of an effort to take them out whilst its wet and cold an hour isn't going to hurt them a brisk winter walk jumping in some muddy puddles is great fun we I tend to get in the habit of staying in a lot when the weathers bad sometimes its just great to get out for some fresh air!

Loose weight

I want to loose weight, when you say it like that it sounds so easy but keeping up motivation not only to loose it but to keep it off is really hard and requires some great inner strength to say no to the unhealthy foods and replace them with a healthier option but I would like to be 10st 7lb by the end march right now I weigh 11st 11lb so I thinkif I loose 2lb a week I will get there no problem I have given myself a bit of extra time for some slips, I know there will be parties ect in between but hopefully I wont slip too much watch this space! I might even post some before and after pictures of myself then I am really not a picture person.

New job

My last goal something I am yet to share with you is that I have a job!! its only part time and I am still waiting on references and my CRB check but I know there will be nothing un-toward on there so I think I will be starting in my new post in around a month from now, its an NHS post on an short stay unit which is brand new and just opened at one of the local hospitals, I am hoping that once in post I am going to be learning loads of new and exciting things, I especially am hoping I will become intravenous drug trained (putting bags of fluids and antibiotics in place on patients) I also cant wait to become up to date with all my other mandatory training, such as life support, moving and handling, vulnerable adults training etc I am so pleased with myself the opportunity is simply fantastic so hopefully this will open lots of new doors for me.

Big Blog plans 


My blog is really coming along, so a massive thank you to everyone who is supporting it and visiting it regularly when I started writing in August I wasn't sure many people would pop over but the support has been more than I could have imagined so again a massive thank you.
From my next year I want to continue to learn and gain more support and followers, I also intend on linking up with more blogs/bloggers in the blogging community as I know a few bloggers, but would love to know more, there is a great amount of support about so hopefully I can gain a few more friends along the way, I would also really like to attend one of the blog conferences there is Britmums and Blogfest, that I know about but I am sure there are some more meet ups that I don't know about, I am really going to try to attend something so I get out into the community of bloggers in person you can never have enough friends.

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