Monday 13 January 2014

Meal Planning monday

From this week forward I have decided I am going to join in with the Meal planning Monday link up hosted over on the blog At home with Mrs M its a great idea of sharing yes you guessed it your weeks meals (5-7 days).

I have never been the greatest at meal planning usually you will find me standing staring at the contents of the fridge or cupboard wondering what we are going to have for dinner on an evening, so I am hoping meal planning is going to help me to organise myself and I am also going to share with you one recipe/meal throughout each week of which I have cooked.

This is what our week of meals look like, 

  • Monday - It will be something quick and easy as its my slimming world weigh in and it will be a later dinner
  • Tuesday, All day Breakfast

  • Wednesday, Jacket potatoes, Cheese and beans for the boys just beans for me

  • Thursday, slimming world chips and home made burgers mushy peas
  • Friday, Chicken and pasta bake
  • Saturday, Chicken and bacon hotpot
  • Sunday, chicken roast dinner with lots of vegetables

Meal Planning Monday

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  1. Being on the Slimming World plan too, your week sounds lovely to me xx


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