Wednesday 15 January 2014

Lunch box delights from Whitworths Frootz #Review

We were sent a selection of of lunchbox treats from Whitworths or just simply treats however you choose to give these to your children or your self there is one thing I can guarantee they are delicious they come in several different flavours as you can see from the images below.

 kids and children's healthy fun lunch box snacks

We tried out the the pineapple banana and blackcurrent these are the three delicious new flavors they have added to there range frootz high fruit buttons I think they look a lot like jelly tots but far more healthy all contain more than 80% natural fruit so will satisfy both parents and children.

frootz are packed full of flavour both of the boys loved them they couldn't eat them quick enough they both asked for more when they had finished, I tried one from each packet and to be honest I was a bit reluctant to try them as I have tried other snacks aimed at children and I didn't really like them but these are really tangy each flavour is very distinct to the fruit in which they are flavoured from they are simply delicious.
kids and children's healthy fun lunch box snacks

As you can see by the images the boys really enjoyed there frootz!

Frootz bags come in handy 18g bite sized bags the perfect size for lunch boxes and they also come in handy multipacks of five the packs are priced individually at 45p which I think is a great price. frootz are available to purchase from Tesco and we will certainly be ordering them in our weekly shopping.


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