Friday 24 January 2014

New Years resolution? Whats that?

Exactly 24 days ago we were all celebrating the start of the new year, What were you doing having dinner with family? Nursing a hangover? swearing that your resolution would be not to drink so much or looking in the mirror and saying that you were going on a diet, or perhaps you were that person swearing that you were stubbing out a fag for the last time?

New research bought to you by St Johns Ambulance shows that by 24th of January 30 million resolutions will be broken, the charity are trying to bring reassurance to the public and encourage people not to get disheartened and not to let your resolution become abandoned, but to try and make a new one that can be upheld or even one that could save a life.

As most people quit their resolutions by Friday 24th due to lack of interest and motivation, rethinking their resolutions today with one that puts other people’s needs and health first, could not only save a life but also give you a feeling of value and optimism. St John Ambulance has worked with behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings to offer advice for sticking to new resolutions, Jo says, ‘Poor weather conditions and post-Christmas blues can make us feel low and demotivated by now, causing many to lose interest and give up on ambitious or costly New Year’s resolutions. Making a new resolution today that is realistic and teaches us a skill will be easier to keep and make us feel good about ourselves.’

how to spot the signs of a heart attack with ST John Ambulance

By simply watching and sharing a six-second Vine on, people can learn to spot the signs of a heart attack known as the,

Four Ps: 
  • Pain (in the chest), 
  • Pulse (rapid or weak), 
  • Perspiration, 
  • and Pale (or ashen skin). 

Knowing the symptoms will ensure more people can give the appropriate treatment: sit the patient down with knees bent, call 999, and offer them 300mg of aspirin to chew. Given that 92,000 people in the UK suffer heart attacks each year, and a third of those die as a result, this quick and easy resolution can make all the difference.

Sue Killen, CEO of St John Ambulance says: ‘It’s not too late to make a new resolution and to try something which is attainable – and potentially life saving. Help us reduce heart attack deaths by watching our quick steps on how to spot the signs, and learn how to treat a heart attack. Making a resolution this simple could enable you to be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.’ 

Top tips for keeping to a resolution, 

  • Don’t always choose to stop something that’s bad in your life as a resolution, it’s often more satisfying to resolve to start something good instead 
  • Choose a resolution that is goal orientated and can be monitored regularly
  • 3 Resolutions which have some sort of responsibility outside of your own needs often feel more  worthwhile and are therefore less likely to be broken.
  • Keep expectations realistic – give yourself a target that you know to be manageable  
  • Resolving to do something together with a friend often helps us keep our resolution. 

Are you sticking to your new years resolution? I personally have never made resolutions as I know that they would just end up as one of the broken ones, but why not share the information given by St Johns Ambulance after all it could help to save a life.

This information was taken from research carried out by St Johns Ambulance under no circumstance Would I recommend giving any medication without medical intervention or a prescription.  


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  1. I'm not doing too badly on new years resolutions - some of the naughty treats I was supposed to be cutting out have worked their way back in though!


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