Thursday 16 January 2014

Olly the little white van DVD #Review

children and kids olly the little white van DVD

Both of my boys are vehicle mad from trains to lorry's, cars tractors and cranes they love them in our house they are always whizzing round with something. So you can understand when I say they really love Olly the little white van we were asked if we could review one of the DVDs in the range, of course I said yes the boys already have a couple of there DVDs and they are a big hit!

If you haven't heard of Olly the little white van, he is exactly what it says an animated little white van, he is an adorable and friendly character that is always rushing around to help a friend in need and doing a good deed all the episodes seem to have this as there ultimate focus, the episodes also seem to show a lot of the characters getting things wrong but trying there best which is a great life lesson to be teaching children - as long as you try your best that's all that matters. There are also lots of other vehicles in the episodes of which are all Olly's friends all the characters are great fun and help Olly along with his fun adventures

children and kids olly the little white van DVD

The show is voiced by Justin Fletcher is very clear and each episode only lasts for five minutes helping to keep children interested and great for children that don't have a long attention span

As I said above Liam and Adam have liked Olly the Little white van for a long time so below is an old video of them showing there love for it you can here the catchy tune the words go...

Olly the little white van, helps his friends as much as he can 

Olly the little white van, always around to give a helping hand..”

its really catchy and has me singing the tune all day after hearing it!


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