Thursday 6 February 2014

Say I love you with I Promise #Valentines day

I was asked if I would review some Valentines like cards from I promise - I was curious as I love new and fabulous ideas so agreed. I have never seen anything quite like this before, the cards are so cute and can be made so special I actually love the idea - let me tell you what they are all about.

I Promise gift cards meaningful cards and thoughts for the one you love

I promise believe, happiness is in the doing, not the having. So they have invented a way for people to do just that. Whether it's little thoughts, time together, exciting experiences, naughty things or grand romantic gestures, I Promise believe anything can be wrapped up as a promise.

How does it work?

Its really simple you can create your personalised cards in three easy steps.

  • first you can Choose either Blue or Red in colour with three, five or 10 promises printed on thick cream cards.
  • Next you, write your promises and choose from icons these are little pictures to go on each individual promise card. if your not sure what you want to say they have loads of Pre-written ideas in there collections. 
  • Last but not least I - Promise make the cards and send them to you, the boxes are very discreet so not to spoil any surprises.
I Promise gift cards meaningful cards and thoughts for the one you love

I had a go at trying out this idea and I have to say the idea is so simple but really effective, they literally take minutes to make but make happiness and romance that can be kept and shared for a lifetime. These cards can be made so personal, I could imagine they would be a romantic way to propose, a way to whisper your thoughts or feelings that you don't want to say out loud, a way to give your heart to someone, or to tell them in three little cards how much you appreciate them.

The sentiment behind them is unbelievable, I think if the words were written in the right way and someone sent me personally some of these cards - I would be crying with happiness, After all love and any relationships isn't always about huge gestures its the little things that make life, love and relationships fantastic and these I Promise cards fit perfectly within that.
The cards are priced at £9.50 for three promise cards, £14.50 for five promise cards and £18.50 for ten promise cards.
Overall I think these are fantastic I love how sentimental the gift is, I think the price of them is quite expensive, having said that though I don't think you can put a price on love or on happiness, watching someone read these knowing you have made them smile or made there day would certainly make up for the price of them.
To have a look at I-Promise you can visit there website, or follow them on FaceBook 
These beautiful cards were sent to me for the purpose of this review all opinions remain honest and my own.

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