Friday 7 February 2014

Playground Crazes what were yours?

I hadn't thought much about my childhood, until recently oxford open learning have put together a list of 50 years of childhood crazes I didn't realise there were so many or how many have come from years ago but soon do the sweep round to playgrounds again.

I think one of the things that surprised me the most were how many I have actually taken part in it must have cost my mum and dad a fortune over the years with me having a brother and sister as well three times the cost and three times the crazes!
 One of my earliest memories of wanting something, well something everyone else had, was Klackers

playground crazes from the 90s go back in time to your childhood these were great, you swing them back and forward and the balls click together making an awesome clicking sound - like everything that is as phase, Klackers were banned eventually from the playground but were great all the same!

There was the foot hula hoop, my memory isn't that great so I cant remember the actual name for it but it was a hoop that you put your foot inside and then you spun it around so your other leg would jump over it, I think this was eventually banned because of it hitting and tripping people over!
I also went through the marbles stage like most children something that seems to come and go within the playground similar phase to YoYos they seem to come and go I never did learn to walk the dog with it!
playground crazes from the 90s go back in time to your childhood

Polly Pocket was another one of my loves although it wasn't as crazy as the time when trolls were in as a craze, with there brightly coloured hair and flashing eyes - would the light stop on green to make a wish, I remember everyone being able to say exactly how many they had collected there were lots of comments like I have got more than you, it makes me giggle thinking about it.

As I got older and went into secondary school I guess the crazes moved away from toys somewhat and moved into fashion or expensive technology items, my poor parents pockets were hit hard as the next craze I remember was Nike Air max trainers only the coolest kids wore these if you didn't have them you were no one! in this year I think the kids at school these days would refer to them as "sick" I had a classic white pair with a purple tick I have to say I did love those trainers, I don't think I out grew them more like the craze just fizzled out as quickly as it came in.

playground crazes from the 90s go back in time to your childhood

I also was one of the kids that loved the year of Kappa who knows where this brand came from or where it has gone now, but it was massive when I was at school, I wasn't one of the kids that had one of the jackets but I did have a bright green t-shirt with the logo down both sleeves now that was a very cool T-shirt let me tell you!

Then there was the sweets there was the candy bracelets and necklaces you always seemed to get in a mess when biting the sweet off the elastic! there was also the sugar dummies and rave dummies a silly phase after all we were not even old enough to go to raves but still everyone was walking round with them round there necks. Last but not least there was push pops everyone had these, they were so sticky and messy but it seemed everyone loved them and I think like the fashion items something that could never be banned which was great.

Reminiscing over some of the crazes that I have been part of has certainly made me look back and smile probably because I cant believe I was a part of them but its something that makes history and great memories, my boys are not quite old enough (hopefully) for crazes just yet but when they do begin, I must remember they don't last forever and there great fun whilst they last.

can you remember your childhood games and crazes? I would love to hear what your favourites were? its fun looking back so share your thoughts......


  1. Shellsuits!!! Lol!! I had a purple and black converse one and thought I was the bees knees!! Also Reebok Pump trainers.... I always wanted some of them lol xxx


  2. haha this is a brilliant post , i remember polly pockets and the yo yo craze :)

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  3. Wow, that has brought back some memories! :-) Ha ha, I'd forgotten about trolls! At one point all the girls in my class at Primary School had Popples. They were great! I had a purple one.x

  4. I loved yo-yo's tamagotchis, pogs, pokemon cards, polly pocket. I miss childhood, but thats the great thing about having kids you get to relive it and play with them all again!

  5. It's funny how the same crazes seem to keep repeating themselves over time as my kids went through the hula-hoop around the leg craze and they called them light hoppers. I remember the shell suit craze - I had one in pink and white and thought that I was oh so cool lol!

  6. I loved the foot hollahoop thing! I'd forgotten about them until I read this!

  7. Push pope, dip dabs, wham bars, that sherbert with the liquorice strand in it...ooohhh and flying saucers xx

  8. Haha great! Really brings back some memories. For me in was stickers for a long long time. My poor parents must have spent a fortune on them!
    Thankfully for their pocket, we had a v strict school uniform and lived in a remote rural community, so fashion crazes largely passed me by.
    Sherbet DibDabs on the otherhand, didn't :)

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