Friday 28 February 2014

The Ideal After Dinner Mint - Setlers Mintees #Review

We were sent some fabulous after dinner mints/breath freshener mints to try out.

Introducing to you Setlers Mintees


Setlers Mintees have been specially created by building up layers of refreshing spearmint, followed by powerful peppermint, around a soft, crumbly centre. This innovative blend of flavours and textures creates a unique taste experience which also helps to freshen breath and soothe the palate after a meal. 

The mints as you can see all come in quite a bright box, the theme all round is green in line with the mint plant, I like that the box is very clear about what is in it, there are specific bullet points on the front of the box stating exactly what is in the box and what the mints do so there is no room for confusion if you are in a hurry. I like that once you have had a mint you can put them back in the resealable packet and it keeps them fresh, it also stops them from falling out of the packet and rolling around in the bottom of your handbag.

The Mints light green in colour, they are very minty and hard there is no way you are going to bite through the hard shell once there in your mouth, until you have sucked them a bit, I guess the idea being that they linger in your mouth long enough to make it fresh.
once you have sucked through the layer of spearmint and then peppermint they have a lovely crumbly soft centre which is a very mild mint flavour, which is quite soft on your senses as the first to layers are really quite strong but not overpowering.

Overall I really enjoyed the mints the flavour is not to overpowering, and they are a great after treat after you have eaten with the added bonus of minty fresh breath, the mints are available from most supermarkets and chemists. The packs are 51g and the prices vary from around £1.99 



  1. Thanks for the review, I have just started having these. Am i correct in saying that these are really for refreshing the mouth only and have no effective ingredients (apart from mint) to settle stomach upsets like say a packet of Rennies would do ? - also personally I am a bit concerned that there is no indication on the pack that these dont have any mention on the front of the packet like 'Sugar Free' - i dont want to be putting on any more weight than i have to or get cavities because of high sugar content!


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