Saturday 1 March 2014

We are Baker Ross bloggers!

This month a huge box of goodies arrived from Baker Ross, we were asked if we would like to be a Baker Ross bloging family and of course myself wanting to be more creative with the boys and them with there little imaginations running wild we of course agreed - they have some fantastic and awesome items available to buy and make and the boys loved every last bit of it!

Let me show you some of their perfect little creations they put together...

We decorated mothers day cards the boys love to colour or scribble whichever way you look at it they love to create and the cards we were sent were lovely they have got all sorts of amazing things to get creative with for this spring - I love that they have a lot of packs that have all the correct bits inside to make up the lovely creation.

The boys particulkarly loved the make your own magnets set and the plant pots you can take out the paper around the edge of the pot so they have decorated the outside themselves before adding in the soil and seads - which I still need to purchase, its next on my list of things to do!

They loved making the treasure chests too, Adam and Liam had a great morning making and creating thanks to Baker Ross there craft activity's are fab.  

You can find out more about Baker Ross over on there website, I would definitely recommend popping over, the prices of the craft activity's are really reasonable and there is so much to choose from!

Watch out for more crafty days from us through out the year! there will be lots more inspiration and and happy pictures of us being creative!


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