Saturday 8 March 2014

Enjoying some sun at last!

This week I discovered another wonderful new linky - a post where other blogs can join up and share what they have been doing this week - the linky is called Country kids from Coombe Mill the linky is all about getting children outside and encouraging them to learn and enjoy the outdoors.
I don't know if  you remember but one of my goals for this year was to get the boys out more no matter what the weather, they do love to be outside!

The end of this week, the sunshine has been beautiful so we haven't done or been anywhere to extravagant but we did for the first time in ages go round to the local park - its not that big but still lots of room for Adam and Liam to run around and I love that the park is fenced in meaning I can relax a bit knowing that Adam isnt going to try to escape!

The boys had a great time running, jumping and laughing - its lovely to see them not fighting, I took the pushchair with me "just in case" but Adam even managed to walk all the way there and all the way back holding mummy's hand, the threat of the pushchair was enough to keep him holding my hand!

The boys were shattered once we had been to the park - I guess when I think about it we really haven't been doing much outside at all so one afternoon out has really worn them out!

Tired, sleepy boys means time to relax for mummy, what have you been enjoying outside this week? 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. It really is great having a nice local park nearby...even better for us as we don't have a garden! #countrykids

  2. I aways used to take my children to the park, they get rid of all their energy not to mention it being free. They also meet & play with children in their own area. Fantastic blog keep them coming. x

  3. Its been so nice to get out in the sunshine after all the yucky rain. We have a country park in our village so its always great to get out with the kids and feed the ducks.x

  4. You don't have to go far for some fun outdoors and it looks like you have a great park close by for the boys to burn off some energy and have great fun. Welcome and thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  5. It's lovely to be having such sunny weather again isn't it! Time to enjoy the outdoors! :-)


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