Thursday 6 March 2014

What do the grown ups do? Book #Review

With everyone celebrating books this month and world book day being the 6th march I thought I would share with you these wonderful children's books from Mari McLellan.

Mari McLellan has designed a series of books aimed at children between the ages of 5 -10, based on a series collectively titled, What do grown ups do?  The series of books are based on getting children to think about there future using there imaginations and this series of books for inspiration.

what do the grown ups do? showing kids jobs through reading books

The books are told through chatty light hearted stories, educating children about life and there working environments. The stories are told by three children that ask lots of questions about the jobs involved in the book, for instance the first two books that have just been released are entitled "Joe the Fisherman" & "Papa the stock farmer" by the children asking the questions about the jobs its very easy for children  reading the book to relate to the stories and to understand the book.

The books are a great way to get your child thinking about there future without dictating to them, they also remind children of the importance of working hard in school.

Mari Mclellan (Author)

“This series has been a joy to write. Yes, it educates children about jobs, but it’s more than that. During our travels, we introduce concepts such as sustainable fishing; explain how cattle dung helps increase insect life; chat about how to use a stethoscope; learn that horses’ teeth never stop growing and find out about glaciers and rock formations. It’s so varied and the characters in each story really bring the facts to life! While the stories help children understand different jobs, they moreover help to teach them about the world around them. I decided to produce photo books as most children love photos and, as we are dealing with the reality of work, photos give a more realistic view,”

We were sent the first two books in the series that have just been released.

what do the grown ups do? showing kids jobs through reading books

The Books are a little old for Liam and Adam however I did read some of the questions to the boys and Liam seemed genuinely interested in the fisherman book, Perhaps because his grandpa is a fisherman so it was common ground, the books both have lots of illustrations in them showing what the person is doing at work - even if your child cant read they can get a visual idea of what the people are doing, I love that the books are all very true to life they don't just show all the good bits of the jobs they tell the bad bits too keeping things real and true to real life jobs.

The books are very fun and are really understandable from a child's point of view, Liam seemed to understand the questions and the answers as the stories have been told in such a interesting way, I also think this is down to the fact that its children that are asking the questions.

what do the grown ups do? showing kids jobs through reading books

Over all I thought these books were warm, fun and very informal given that they are taking on a subject that can be quite hard to talk about with children especially for a parent or teacher that doesn't always have all of the answers. Children are going to have great fun exploring these books and there futures with this charming book and its perfect blend of reality.

The two books above were released at the end of February the next in the series of books "Sean the Actor" is due to be released in April followed by the others book in the series at regular intervals throughout the year so you and your child can collect the whole series in the collection. 

The books are available to buy through Amazon priced at £10 each with the kindle copies priced at £3.99 each. You can find out more information about the books and other retail outlets that are stocking them over at

we were sent these lovely books for the purpose of this review all opinions remain honest and my own

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  1. I'm not sure my nieces would be too into these but thanks for the review - not heard of these before.


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