Saturday 22 March 2014

Liams 4th Birthday

I am a bit late writing this post but Liam had a fabulous birthday with lots and lots of presents a very spoilt and lucky little boy his Fourth birthday was just a quiet event this year but he had a great day never the less.

Liam's presents the night before and cards.

His main present was a bike and he did manage to get half hour on it after school, but the weather has been rubbish for him, hopefully he we will be able to take it to the park this weekend coming as long as the weather is good! 

His favorite present that Nanna and Grandpa bought for him was a V-tech Innotab I wondered how he would get along with it, as he still cant read yet but he hasn't put it down since he opened it!

I cooked him a lovely birthday cake with his favorite character on "Fire Man Sam" and he wanted chocolate so it was decorated with chocolate butter icing and white chocolate buttons he was a very happy boy!  

Another year gone by, I still cant believe my baby is four he is growing into such a lovely young boy.


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