Thursday 13 March 2014

My baby is growing up

A week today will see us celebrate Liam's fourth birthday, time has gone so fast I cant believe you are a little boy now, you have your own opinions a voice a need to know what everything is - you are naughty yes and you have some problems in life, but every grown up that walks the earth has problems, it doesn't matter you will always have us to look after you and we will work through things together.
You are happy, fun and bursting with energy Liam you have a terrible singing voice but I love that you try so hard even if the song has no tune.

For your first birthday we had a party, it was alright you loved it all the attention you got but we hardly got to see you for the whole day, your second birthday we went to twin lakes, you loved that all the soft play areas, ball pits and rides. your third birthday was much quieter a few close relatives and lots of lovely presents you always have had as much as we could give you for special occasions like birthdays and Christmas.
This year is different again you know what you like and you know what presents you would like your list is as follows,
  • A bike
  • a Computer
  • a Crane truck (of course a truck with a crane on top)
  • a bin lorry
  • a remote control car - must be blue your favourite colour
  • a yellow remote control helicopter
You have also informed me today that lollipops are not enough for your class you want to take party bags, twenty six children and party bags I am not sure we will be doing that but we will see.
You want a chocolate cake with fireman Sam on it I am sure I can stretch to that, I remember when you were born like it was yesterday, I feel sad that the baby years have passed but excited to see who you are growing up to be and where our adventures in life are going to take us next.

 I am so proud of you - my baby is growing up into a lovely little boy


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  1. Awww Helen, what a sweetie he is!! Hope he has a wonderful birthday next week!
    Lucie xx


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