Saturday 15 March 2014

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Giant Jigsaw Puzzle #Review

Recently we reviewed Ravensbuger Gruffalo my first puzzle, this puzzle The very hungry caterpillar is based in the same age group it is aimed at children two years plus. Again this puzzle is very brightly coloured, the illustration on the puzzle is a great replica and addition to the actual story.

The very Hungry caterpillar jigsaw puzzle fun and learning for kids and children
The Jigsaw Puzzle, is a giant jigsaw that shows the picture of the Caterpillar from the book that has eaten his way through, one red apple, two green pairs, three purple plums, four red strawberries and five oranges, the pieces are really bright and slot together perfectly, the puzzle has been made from thickened laminated cardboard to make it easier to fit the pieces together - Perfect for little hands that are just learning to put smaller pieces together.

The very Hungry caterpillar jigsaw puzzle fun and learning for kids and children
Adam found this Jigsaw quite difficult and needed lots of support to help him get things in the right places, but we did get there in the end. The pieces are quite strong and have been made to last and withstand a lot of rougher play carried out by younger children. I love that the puzzle has numbers on the front of it, which will help Adam to become familiar with counting and his basic numbers - the spots around the edges in different colours help to match up the pieces and make the jigsaw simpler.   

Overall we really enjoyed the Very Hungry Caterpillar Jigsaw, it will help Adam or any child to continue to enhance there learning and pre-school skills. 

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