Saturday 29 March 2014

Tree Fu Tom Ranger Utility belt #Review

As quite big fans of Tree Fu Tom, we were really excited to be sent the Tree Fu Tom Utility belt to review,

CBBC Tree fu tom belt helping to get kids and children exploring the outdoors

Inside the box there is;
  • Scarf and woogle
  • Belt complete with reflector Sapstone
  • Ranger accessories including badges, pouch, ranger cards, compass and size-o-scope

How to Become a Tree Fu Ranger just like Tom – put on your scarf, woggle and belt and get ready to search, draw and explore!
  1. Use the size-o-scope and compass to explore your surroundings
  2. Search, identify and draw the wildlife using the Ranger cards and record your adventures in the Ranger book
  3. The utility belt has a rotating, reflector Sapstone as well as a handy pouch to store objects.
  4. So clip the Ranger badges and accessories onto your utility belt and you’re ready for the next Tree Fu adventure!
The Belt set is aimed at ages 3+ as is the programme, I love that it encourages children to explore their surroundings and be adventurous with play, Liam loved reenacting the Tree Fu Tom moves his favourite part of the set is the size-o-scope, he has been exploring leaves and the grass and some insects - pretending to then write it down in his little jotter.

CBBC Tree fu tom belt helping to get kids and children exploring the outdoors

The only bad thing about the belt is its size, I am not sure why its so big, it doesn't fit around Liam's waist at all, it just falls down I thought it may be because he is a small child for his age, but having tried it on an older child it was still to big - however instead of wearing it as a belt Liam has been wearing it like a sash this way its quite easy to get on and off by himself.   

Apart from the size of the belt we have really enjoyed playing with the Tree Fu Tom belt and Liam is still playing with it every morning, his moves make me laugh.

The belt is Priced a reasonable price of £19.99, I think it is a good price for a child's toy and it could double up as a fancy dress outfit - which you would pay more for.

The Belt is available to buy from Smyths and Amazon 

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