Saturday 29 March 2014

Watching the spring bloom, We get creative!

This time of year is one of my favorites, watching the flowers and wildlife coming to life again after everywhere has looked naked throughout the winter months it is always guaranteed to put a smile on my face alongside the fact that the sunshine is brightening up the days, I think it always makes people feel better and it certainly lifts the mood.

This Month myself and the boys have been flower spotting and discussing the spring a lot, as well as looking at some of the insects that are beginning to appear - I am not such a big fan of creepy crawleys but the boys love to explore anything that moves or is brightly colored everywhere we have been they have been pointing out flowers that they can see and anything else that looks pretty.

Liam has been learning lots about the spring this month at nursery so this fits in really well that Center parks have set a challenge this month to show off your painting skills and creativity skills to re-create some of the natural beauty that is appearing everywhere you go at this time of year.

 these are some of the flowers we have spotted on our travel.

So we have been getting creative at home to reinforce the boys learning skills, by using this and the help of Center Parcs top creativity tips from Emma Hill (creativity Crafter) we have , the boys have really got creative and have given there impression of what they think the flowers look like.

This is the tip we used from Center Parcs this month,

"Find materials around the house to add to the painting, giving it a 3D effect. Why not paint an old bottle cap and stick it in the centre of a flower, really bringing your painting to life?"

So this is what we have been doing, we have made some 3D effect flowers from some old artificial flowers, that I thought had seen better days combined them with lollipop sticks, stickers and some tissue paper to make there impression of a spring flower, Liam and Adam had a great time getting creative (with a little help!).

The boys loved making the 3D flowers, Adam is young still at the age of two, had, had enough after his flower making, he was tired, so off he went for his afternoon nap, which left me and Liam some fabulous quality time to paint together and to talk about spring, Liam is like a sponge he seems to remember everything you tell him but gets the words mixed up! he decided he wanted to paint some "dandy- dills" which made me laugh realising what he had said he corrected himself to daffodils, Liam loves to paint he used the brush and his fingers to create his lovely picture.

The last picture on the end is my attempt at painting some flowers, I think the boys ideas win hands down!

It has been really fun getting out and about this month, looking at flowers and watching little bits of nature appearing, the boys have really enjoyed being outside learning and then trying to re-create the flowers they have seen, I personally love daffodils at this time of year!

 This is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots 100 February challenge. If I’m chosen, I would like to visit Sherwood forest’


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