Wednesday 16 April 2014

A Morning with The Children's Air Ambulance

A few weeks ago I was invited to spend a morning at a press event - my first event as a blogger and I couldn't have been more delighted, as it was with the children's air Ambulance and their crew.

The day itself was based around, learning and becoming aware about exactly what they do and how the air ambulance Charity helps others - as well as a once in a lifetime experience to ride in the helicopter.

Supporting the children's air Ambulance helicopter flight and raising awareness

I am sure like myself you have all heard about Air Ambulances and the fantastic job that they do, However this one is completely different this Helicopter has been specially adapted and contains equipment that is vital to save the lives of Children.

  • The Children's Air Ambulance (TCAA) is the only specialist helicopter in the UK adapted specifically for babies and young children
  • 5,800 children need transferring between hospitals because 95% of care for critically ill children is carried out in specialist units.
  • Long Journeys carried out by road ambulance can be stressful for a family and a child it can also cause critical, and life threatening delays for some children 
  • The Air Ambulance would typically transfer children with neurological emergency and conditions such as,severe meningitis and organ failure.
  • The Children's Air Ambulance relies solely on public donations to keep it in the skies, and for it to carry on doing the job it was made for. 

At the moment the Children's Air Ambulance Crew (TCAA) can only carry critically ill babies up to twelve months old, but hopefully by raising awareness the fundraisers and supporters will be able to raise enough funds, so that the Childrens Air Ambulance can be adapted again to take children of all ages.

The children's Air Ambulance completed their first baby transfer in May 2013, airlifting its first Critically Ill baby (Theo) Theo was born five days late by Caesarian Section weighing under 5lb. He was critically ill as it was discovered his oesophagus had failed to attach correctly to his stomach and he needed expert care to be treated. The fifteen minute flight ensured he got that critical care in the quickest possible way. In this time he was flown across from Scarborough hospital to Hull Royal Infirmary to receive the lifesaving care he required.

Can you imagine how traumatic it would be to first have a baby that was that poorly and then to find out he needs to be transferred to another hospital?

I cant Imagine How you would feel as a parent but the one thing I would want was him transferring as quickly and as safely as possible - and the Air Ambulance did just that.

Since Baby Theo TCAA has helped transport a further 32 babies to different hospitals for urgent specialist care that they wouldn't have got if they had remained where they were.

Whilst we were at the press event we got to see the amazing equipment on board the helicopter, we were taught about the specialist incubator and stretcher it was all simply amazing, especially when we stepped on board, it was really exciting and an honour to have been able to take a flight inside the helicopter, the views were stunning.

Supporting the children's air Ambulance helicopter flight and raising awareness

As I said above the views were stunning, the ride in the air was smooth, exciting and something I will probably never get the chance in my life to do again and it really was an honour.

The harsh reality is when this helicopter takes off from the ground with a tiny or critically ill baby on board this Helicopter isn't a place of happiness for the family or excitement, it would be a feeling of apprehension, I expect you wouldn't be looking out of the window at the views, your focus would be on your little one, that amazing little life, that as a parent you would be willing to get better and for a quick and uncomplicated journey that is the least stressful for yourself and your child, for this to happen the Air Ambulance needs to stay in flight.

Which is where you come in, TCAA rely on public funding - it is a charity, unbelievable really isn't it that a service so crucial to family's rely on donations

The truth is it could happen to any of us, where we would need to use the services of TCAA, for one of our children to be transferred to another hospital - I wouldn't wish it on anyone however if it was to happen to me or my family and we did need the services of TCAA I know that we would be in safe hands.

The day with TCAA was a fantastic day and I have learnt so much, everyone was so welcoming, it was also a pleasure to meet all of the crew and the patron of the services Melanie Slade - (wife of Arsenal footballer Theo Walcott), Melanie was very down to earth and was talking about her plans about how she was going to raise money by doing a sponsored bike ride for TCAA.

Supporting the children's air Ambulance helicopter flight and raising awareness

I will be continuing to support The Children's Air Ambulance through out the year to find out more about TCAA they are on Facebook, Twitter and you can also find out more about them on their Website.

This post is not a sponsored post all opinions remain honest and my own thank you to the lovely people at the press office MBA that invited us along. 




  1. What an amazing thing to support and get a chance to see what goes on and how things work. Spreading the word about this is fantastic too they really should be supported more. I think people turn their cheeks thinking that it doesn't affect them but they would donate if it was their baby that needed the help wouldn't they. Great post!!!! Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. Glad you are out helping and spreading the word. I will try to do the same. Every little helps doesn't it. Bet it was a great experience and ride though too! ;) #sharewithme

  2. Awesome people! They are the new knight in shining armour (Helicopter). Thanks for sharing this! #sharewithme

  3. I'm gobsmacked that this is a charity, not all funded by our government budgets :-( what awesome work they do, thanks for sharing xx
    Popped over for #sharewithme, would love if you came and said hi back @ xx

  4. That's crazy that this is funded purely by the public, this should definitely receive some help from government




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