Thursday 17 April 2014

A night in with Ladies 888 bingo #Review

I don't know about you but sometimes my evenings can be pretty boring, I spend most of it on the Computer usually writing a blog or two once that is done, I will perhaps browse sites for clothes or flick through the television not really knowing what to do, I want something that will keep me entertained,  something I don't really have to concentrate on at night time as a mum I'm tired so my concentration is usually at a lull.

I was given the opportunity to review the Ladies 888 bingo site, that's got to be a lot more exciting than watching the rubbish that's on the television every night, I used to go to a bingo club with my friend before the boys were born and it was something that I really used to enjoy, to be quite honest I have never thought about playing any games online.

The account was really simple to set up it took all of about ten minutes, Ladies 888 bingo deposited £5.00 into my account so I could have a play on there game called Millionaire Genie and give my views on the game, the game is a slot machine type game, down one side of the screen there are numbers from 1- 15 and on the other side their is a crazy genie that gives you tips and does little dances whilst you spin the game - he is quite entertaining!

you can bet as little as 1p all the way up to 25p making a choice of how many lines you would like to bet for instance if you bet the maximum lines (15) on a price of 1p each spin will cost 15p and 15 lines on a 25p maximum is £3.25.

So I started off by not touching any of the settings just betting on my one pence maximum, I had a few small wins of 45 pence etc, then I decided to up my stakes to 5p maximum so it cost me 75p a line I had another few small wins but nothing major although I found the game itself really fun, the idea of the game is you need to get 3 or more scatter symbols. These summon the genie who grants free spins, the genie also adds wild symbols that stay on the wheel throughout the game to further your chance of winning and of course the more you play the more chance you have of winning the bonus.

I wasn't on the game for very long around fifteen minutes before my balance was 0 again although it is a great way of passing some time - and depending on your luck you could win big up to £450,000! I would definitely play this game again I found it really enjoyable.

At the moment the WhichBingo Awards are open for voting so why not pop over and give favourite your 888 ladies game a vote.

And remember gamble responsibly and only bet what you can afford.

I was given £5 to play the Millionaire Genie game - this post is sponsored 

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