Thursday 17 April 2014

The spring is here do you have Happi feet? Shoe freshener #Review

Happi feet is a fun and new innovative design - that has made its way into the shops with its beautiful scents and a fun creative shoe design.

So what exactly is Happi Feet?, Happi feet is a shoe freshener, now before you think I have smelly feet I really don't however I think anyone shoes, once they have been on there feet all day due to work or a family day out begin to smell just that little bit musty - or sweaty and the odour seems to be gone over night however once you start wearing your shoes again and your feet begin get warm it doesn't take long before that odour is back again - it can be quite embarrassing if your out and about with slip-ons and your shoe slips off just that little bit to far. Or maybe you have been in a changing room, in town after someone with a musty scent has been in trying on clothes its not pleasant.

shoe freshener for sweet smelling foot wear

This is where Happi feet come in, once you have been out and about or to work you come home and simply pop the funky shoe shaped freshener into your shoe and it freshen it up over night leaving your shoes feeling clean fresh and smelling beautiful.

Happi feet comes in a re-sealable packet so you can use them more than once the re-sealable packet keeps the freshness locked in whilst you are wearing your shoes in the day - Happi feet look and feel a bit like car fresheners except they are bigger in size and are shaped like shoes, the shape makes the fresheners really fun and if you are like me a big shoe lover, they're sort of an add on to my ever expanding collection, one size fits all!.

shoe freshener for sweet smelling foot wear

The fresheners come in four different designs and scents, Caribbean beach breeze, Madagascan vanilla, Japanese cherry blossom and freshly laundered my personal favourite is the freshly laundered scent, not only do they leave your shoes smelling beautiful they also are deodorising. The Happi feet shoe fresheners will last up to six weeks and are great value for money priced at just £2.60 they are a bargain. Available to purchase from Tesco.  

You can find out more about this fabulous product on the Happi feet website also why not give them a like on their Facebook page or follow them Twitter.

We were sent a sample of Happi Feet for the purpose of this review all opinions remain honest and my own

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