Friday 25 April 2014

Cuckoo Corner Game #Review and #Competition

Need something to keep the kids entertained this Spring? Well you're in luck!

Cuckoo Corner is a fun new game which challenges players to look after a playful cuckoo of their very own in a beautiful, 3D world. The launch of the game is pretty timely, seeing as cuckoos started returning to our shores this month. But sadly the cuckoo is in decline in the real world - it is a red list endangered species and has seen a 65% decline in its population since the 1980s. Cuckoo Corner has therefore teamed up with the RSPB so that 50% of in-app purchase profits from Cuckoo Corner are going to the RSPB's Bird Without Borders programme - which coordinates conservation efforts globally - to make sure the cuckoo is looked after in the real world as much as the virtual.

Over the last week or so Liam has been playing this lovely little game - although it is a game, it is more like having a virtual pet. When the game starts on the App the first screen that you see is is a room full of eggs bobbing around, you pick the egg you want then help the Cuckoo to hatch out of it. You get the option to name the Cuckoo - or you can just stick with Cuckoo! The idea of Cuckoo land is to collect things, as well as to keep the bird healthy and happy.

Through out the game the information tab gives you hints and tips on how to make the Cuckoo peck the ground, if it needs to eat or even sleep. The graphics on the game are really good Liam found the Cuckoo really funny watching its head sway about - I must admit he really is quite a quirky looking bird.

Liam is only four and managed to work most of the game out in about ten minutes, although Liam did need some help once the Cuckoo started to get hungry or need some energy levels, I do think the game is a little bit old for Liam but he enjoyed it. Once Liam reaches around six or seven and can read the help and support messages it will be better suited and he will be able to completely enjoy the game.

I have had a little play on this game and I really enjoyed it too - I am not very technical but found the game really easy and simple to navigate around. If you get fed up of the Cuckoo, their is the option to release the bird and start the game all over again! I would recommend this App for older children and for adults its a great game and of course on a more serious matter for a great cause.


To celebrate the launch of the game and the return of the cuckoo to our shores, we've teamed up with the makers of Cuckoo Corner to give away this fab cuckoo-themed prize to enjoy with your family!

The box of goodies includes:

*       A very cute soft cuckoo toy
*       A cuckoo call whistle (to recreate the infamous sound of the cuckoo's call)
*       A bird bath (for the birds in your garden)
*       All the ingredient you need to make chocolate nests with your family - yum!
*       A free download code so you can enjoy playing the game

For the chance to win this great prize just answer the following question:

When do cuckoos usually return to UK shores?
  •        April
  •        December
  •        November

To enter this competition please enter via the RaffleCopter below Do Not leave the Answer to the question in the in the comments on my blog please leave your answers on the Rafflecopter form thanks And good luck!

Cuckoo Corner is currently available to download from the Apple App Store for 69p.

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This giveaway is for UK residents only.

Once the Rafflecopter picks a winner, I will check if the winner has done what was requested and I will contact them, if they do not reply within 28 days, the prize will be allocated to another person.

The giveaway will close on 9th may 2014 at midnight.



  1. Thank you for the lovely review and giveaway!

    1. glad you enjoy the giveaways Tracy whilst there is always people like you that love entering them there will always be giveaways here x

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