Thursday 3 April 2014

Goo.ey Phone skin - great when you need your hands free! #Review

If I said to you Goo.ey what would you think? a food maybe a kids toy - no guess again, this is a new idea in the form of phone skin.

We were sent over one of the Goo.ey phone skins to review, to be honest I didn't really know what to expect, as I have never heard of it before. Let me tell you a bit more about them and then I will tell you what I thought of this concept.

phone skin to keep your hands free

The company is British born and the Goo.ey was created in 2013 by entrepreneur, Rachel Verghis the idea of the skin is to be able to stick it on glass, mirrors and even on tiles - to make Skype calls, or phone calls where you need your hands free or simply just to keep your phone out the way of children.

The case is made from polyurethane epoxy and feels slightly tacky or a little sticky to the touch it is around 1mm in thickness. It won’t stick to anything that’s textured (such as standard kitchen worktop, a car dashboard or painted wall) but it works fabulous on anything glossy like mirrors, any sort of screen LCD or TV and laminate flooring it even stuck to the fridge.

phone skin to keep your hands free
The phone skin sticks fast because of the quite remarkable 3M adhesive which peals on and off without leaving any nasty residue behind, so you could if you wanted to take it on and off putting it back in the plastic packaging when you are not using it.

You are suppose to stick the phone skin to surfaces that are clean and dry, plus the Goo.ey skin is suppose to be free from and debris, but I found even on my Television screen with a thin layer of dust it still stuck to it quite effectively, However the packaging recommends things must be clean, so I wouldn't try this too often you could end up with a broken phone.

I found the Goo.ey, very useful in instances when I needed my hands free such as when I was cooking, or trying to get the boys ready to go out but wanted my phone out of the way so they didn't try and mess about with it, i even stuck it to my laptop a few times so I could look at my phone and still type. I think when your out in a restaurant its a great thing to have as well especially if you are sitting at a table and like me always have your phone out, as it takes a reasonable amount of force to remove or free it from things once it is stuck - therefore will prevent anyone from taking it and running off with it.

The only bad thing I have to say is you cant use it on its own you really need a phone case to pop your phone in at the same time, as when my phone was in my handbag with the Goo.ey skin attached I found my phone was stuck to an array of items, such as my keys, lipstick and other items I found myself fighting with things just to get it out of my bag!  

Overall I really liked the Goo.ey phone skin, I can see it has great potential and lots of different uses, it would make a great gift for the tech lover or just for a mum like me that needs to keep little sticky fingers away from my phone!

The Goo.ey phone skin is priced between £14-17.99 and you can find out more about this unique product at you will also find Goo.ey on Facebook and Twitter

  I was sent the Goo.ey phone skin for the purpose of this review all opinions remain honest and my own.

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