Wednesday 2 April 2014

Gluco Tabs - fast acting Glucose for people on the go

As a mum most mornings I wake up and feel like I could do with and extra few hours in bed, maybe even an extra day but in reality I am never going to get that, there is no time to rest its all go until Liam goes to school for the afternoon and Adam usually flakes in the pushchair on the way home, However this is the time when I can really get things done the little jobs that are a struggle, the afternoons should be the time when I get lots done.

But I dont I come in from school put Adam in his bed have a drink and before I know it i am asleep or dozing on the settee.

Introducing to you Gluco Tabs and Gluco Juice.

fast acting glucose for people on the go

Gluco tabs and juice are fast acting Glucose, They contain no artificial nastiness which is always great to know, they are free from caffeine , sodium and gluten and suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets.

The Gluco tabs and juice come in a variety of flavours , blueberry burst , tangy orange , juicy raspberry and zesty lemon and lime. Each tablet pack contains 4g glucose and the pack comes with 10 tabs inside. Each juice is a 60 ml bottle with a 15g measured dose of glucose in it, both items are the perfect size to fit in your handbag making them easy "pick me ups" when you are out and about.

The juice was actually not what I expected at all I was expecting it to be really sweet and a bit thick, but is anything but thick its like a normal drink of juice in consistency and the flavour is mildly fruity not to much I quite enjoyed it.

The tablets I thought looked chalky but they didnt dry your mouth out at all however I did find them to be a bit chalky in taste, but they reminded me of, you know the refresher sweets they taste a bit like that. I would definitely have them again.
When I felt I was getting tired in the afternoon I chewed a couple of tabs and my energy levels were definitely boosted. I managed to get up and find my go again, I felt quite refreshed actually.

I also had a couple early evening one night - as this is usually when I find my head ending up in a slump on the laptop cause I am so tired but have too much to do! I found the tablets along with the juice helped me to fight off the tiredness which makes a change from my normal evening struggle.

The juice is priced at £1.55 a bottle and  A pack of ten Gluco tabs costs a small 89p I think both items are a great price. both the products are available to buy online or at Morrisons, Boots,Asda, Superdrug and Sainsburys.

I would definitely recommend giving these a try if like me most days are a struggle to stay awake and find that extra energy.

I was sent these products for the purpose of this review all opinions remain honest and my own 

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