Tuesday 1 April 2014

McCain ready baked jacket potatoes #Review

We were sent some ready baked McCain jacket potatoes to try out, I have never heard of them before hadn't even seen them advertised, well until we received these then I noticed the television advert for them.

I always find when you cook a jacket potato in the microwave you never know if its cooked and the skin is always soggy well my opinion anyway. I was very interested to see what would make these any different.

ready made food - healthy food made easy
There really easy to prepare, you just take them out the freezer, pop them in the micro-wave for seven minutes and they are done very quick and easy an impressive preparation time if you are a family on the go!

What the box says about them;

Our Ready Baked Jackets have the taste of an oven baked jacket but take a fraction of the time to cook. We just select the best British potatoes, drizzle them with sunflower oil and then slowly bake to perfection. So all you need to do is pop it in the microwave for 5 minutes and add your favourite topping."

ready made food - healthy food made easy

So what did I think were they perfection? the potatoes were very fluffy and I really enjoyed them they were not soggy like the ones I usually make from scratch, the skins were fairly crispy but not as crispy as they would be if you had cooked them in the oven, I actually really liked the taste of them they reminded me of the ones you get on bonfire night or at a fair. The boys both really enjoyed them to.

The potatoes are currently priced at £1.65 for a packet of two and £2.00 for a packet of four - which is really quite expensive when you think of how much a sack of potatoes cost. having said that I can see why these would be bought and why I would buy them again they are a great convenience, I can see myself buying these to take to work with me or keeping some in the freezer for a late night snack that is quick, easy and reasonably healthy depending on what you have with them of course!

I was sent the potatoes and toppings for the purpose of this review all opinions remain honest and my own


  1. I just don't get them....lol
    It is just as quick to cook a normal potato....You're right they do taste like the ones you get on bonfire night or at a fair though :) x

  2. i suppose you're right that they're good for convenience, they'd be good for me to take to work. but at home id like my potatoes crispy :)


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