Thursday 15 May 2014

Baby's outfit of the day post 15/05/2014 #Bootd #TrendyThursday

This week I went shopping and as always I managed to get something for the boys, well actually they picked the outfits themselves - Well the T-shirts anyhow they always pick brightly coloured outfits both the trousers and T-Shirts are from Next.

Next always have such beautiful children's clothes - I tend to find in some of the other shops that there isn't much of a choice for boys or it is the same boring colours and styles, where as Next always have such a lovely and wide variety of clothing I am spoilt for choice, I could spend hours in there.

This is what is what the boys picked;

Shark T-shirts, fantastic for the summer I love that the T- shirts have the shark fin on the back, these are quirky, bright and fun! they are available in sizes from 0 to 5 years Liam and Adam have been running around in them pretending to be sharks - they love them! Priced at £6 for one T-shirt or two for £10 they are a bargain.

The Jeans are also from Next, they're quite a thin denim style, that are perfect for cooler summer days or for going out on an evening through out the summer, I like that the tops of the Jeans have pull strings, so for little boys that don't have a waist you can pull in the strings and they wont be losing there trousers when they're running round and jumping or crawling on the floor - as boys do!

Next always come very generous in sizing so the cuff style bottom means that the jeans are not going to be dragging on the floor and they both still have room to grow. The jeans like the T-shirts are available in sizes 0-5 years. priced at £10 a pair they are a bargain and another great buy perfect for the summer months ahead.


I hope you enjoyed this weeks Bootd post why not pop over to the Linky and see what other outfits have been linked up this week!

What has your little one been wearing this week? or what has been your favourite children's outfit for this week I always love to hear your comments until next time.



  1. Thank you for linking up with #bootd your pictures are fab! I LOVE the TShirts! X

  2. I love the T-Shirts, I find Next stuff washes really well too #BOOTD

  3. I love this tshirt! it must have passed me by as i love next stuff! will have to get it for Jensn he will love the shark! x

  4. They look gorgeous! My kids are 8, 10 and 12 and Next is still my favourite place to buy for them :)
    Popping over from Medicated Follower.

  5. I've always found Next to be "big" too. I've got a girl, but we did get her a Ghostbusters tee from the boy's section once! Husband's choice ...



  6. I saw the t shirts too - they've got some lovely ones in the range this summer. Something a bit different to what you'd see elsewhere. #TrendyThursday

  7. Thank you for linking! Lovely bright tshirts :-) I never think of buying in next. I should really. I just keep forgetting. I'm an H&M fiend... #BOOTD #TrendyThursday

  8. I love the t shirts. I bet they look great walking down the street together, that would make a great pic! #BOOTD


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