Friday 16 May 2014

What do I need? Essential for Nurses/Student nurses or Carers

When you are working, or you are about to begin working in a clinical area, care home or on in the community, there are some essential equipment that every health care professional needs things that you honestly, will be grateful to have with you!

  • Shoes
Sound's silly doesn't it, but everyone no matter what profession you are in, everyone should make sure they have the correct footwear for comfort and support, when you are a health care professional, often you spend prolonged amounts of time on your feet walking up and down or even running a comfortable pair of shoes is crucial to get you through a shift.

  • Fob watch or upside down nursing watch. 
Of course its not upside down to you, but when other people look at it it is upside down, again there is always a need for a fob watch - not just to be able to tell the time, it is critical for recording peoples pulse manually or counting respiration's, and making sure you document times accurately, when you are giving your accounts of a patients day or well being.

  • A Black Pen.
ahhh Health care professionals and there pens, they are sacred, when you find the perfect pen that doesn't smudge and it has comfy cushions either side, god forbid someone borrows it and doesn't give it back, never lend your best pen out! - remember a great pen will make your day better, as you spend as much time documenting information as you do looking after your patients. its always ideal to have a red pen and maybe some high lighters - just in case.

  • Scissors    
A good pair of scissors are always handy to have, like pens make sure you label them or never lend them to anyone - they're like gold! there is always something to be cut whether it is bandages from a patient or paper to go by the phone there will always be a good reason to have a handy pair in your pocket!

  • A Pen torch or Mag lite 
These are not to expensive and again you will use it often for night shifts, to check neurological observations, or even if something has been lost at the back of the cupboard. having your own will just make life so much easier and simpler for yourself.

  • Paper - pocket sized note book
There is always so much to remember in clinical areas, codes for doors, lockers, what a patient has asked for, for dinner what someones temperature was if it has risen above the normal range, so it is always a good idea to have a jotter or small writing pad in your pocket, it will help you to be organised, after all we are all only human and it is impossible to remember everything.

That is my essentials guide to what everyone should have and will find that they do need and use day to day in a clinical setting.

below is a list of things you might want to buy but they're not essential.

  • Stethoscope
  • Calculator
  • Pocket sized Alcogel
  • Tape measure
  • Hand cream
  • BNF British National Formulary
  • Post it notes 

student nurse essentials

I hope that the post is helpful?, what are your essentials in your job? or can you think of anything I have missed? I always love to hear your thoughts.


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