Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Power Rangers Mega Force Toys from Bandai #Reveiw

A few weeks ago we were asked if we would like to review some Power Rangers toys, now although Liam rarely watches the program, because he doesn't like the monsters that the Power Rangers have to fight off, I asked him if he would like to try some of the new toys, he said yes he would like to, as he was smiling and clapping in excitement, you know when you wish as a mum you hadn't told your child something that was going to happen before it did, this is how I felt, as he was pestering me and waiting for the postman everyday - and just typical the day they arrived we had popped out. I collected them and there were two separate toys the first a Power Rangers Mega Force Robo Morpher and the second was a Robo Knight Power Ranger Training set.

power rangers mega force toys
Liam wanted to try out the Power Rangers Mega Force Robo Morpher first, its a bit like a pretend phone but of course its not a phone or so I am told by Liam, the Robo Morpher comes battery complete so no need to worry about the toy not having batteries, it does make sounds once the battery strip has been removed, although the noises are pretty quiet I personally think that this is a good thing as there are to many toys are made that are very very loud even for children. The Robo Morpher is quite chunky and sturdy, So you don't need to worry about it braking easily.

The Robo Morpher only actually has one functioning button on its keypad the rest of the keys are there for show - they don't actually do anything, which I thought was a little disappointing however this does mean that Liam had to use his imagination and its always great when toys encourage this. The set also comes with one of the collectible cards. The Card and the Robo Morpher can be used and attached alongside the other Power Rangers toys in this range.

The phone buttons and the noises being low in sound were not disappointing at all to Liam he really likes the toy and he likes ringing the Power Rangers for help, especially when he is being told off! I thought the product was a little high in price - Priced at between £12 and £15 depending on where you shop. The age range of the toy is 4 plus.

power rangers mega force toys

Overall the Robo Morpher phone has been played with lots over the last few weeks and Liam hasn't gotten bored with it yet,  he has really enjoyed playing with it, based on his view I would say this was a good toy, I would of liked it more if it had been a little more interactive, but I would still purchase it, especially as I know Liam really likes it. 

The second toy Liam tried out was the Robo Knight power ranger Training set, The training set comes complete with sword, mask, power cards and a card holder buckle the idea for your child is they can become a power ranger using their imagination.

Again the toys in this set are made quite well their not flimsy, making them great if like my boys they're a little bit on the boisterous side. The set is again is aged at 4+ however the elastic on the mask needed a bit of loosening on the back for Liam's head as the mask was quite tight once fitted.

The action power cards come with most sets in the Power Rangers collection. You can then play a game once they're collected but to do this you would need to purchase the Power Rangers Megaforce Deluxe Gosei Morpher and use the cards to call the "Rangers' Zords into battle" which then unlocks phrases used by the Power Rangers.  

The card buckle holder is a great way to keep all the cards in one place and is the perfect size to attach to a child's belt or trousers.

Liam's favourite piece of the set is the laser sword although it doesn't interact, he has been carrying this around with him for a few days - he wants to find some dragons or monsters.

power rangers mega force toys

Over all Liam has really enjoyed the training set he has been playing with this along side the Robo Morpher the toys really go together well - we now just need to collect the other toys in the range.

Power Rangers toys can be found in most good high street toys or for more information from the makers Bandai they can be found on Twitter and Facebook

I was sent both of these Power Rangers toys for the purpose of this review all opinions remain honest and my own.



  1. That looks fab! I know a little boy who would love that here #TriedTested

  2. I used to love power rangers, always wanted to be the pink one!! can't believe they are still going, I think my godson would love these toys #triedtested x

  3. Oh wow! That looks so cool! I bet her had a lot of fun x

  4. Ben would LOVE these!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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