Friday 20 June 2014

09.59 Im on the train! #BritMums

Officially today 09.59 I am on the train heading to London on my own never been to London never really travelled that far on my own but I am going for one of the UK's biggest blogging conferences It is BritMums Live 2014.

This will be only my second ever blogging event I have ever been too since I started blogging last year and I couldn't think of any better or bigger one I want to be a part of.

My day should start like this get up do my hair makeup, get dressed, get the boys up they both eat all there breakfast get themselves dressed and happily go to the childminders whilst giving me time to get home have a cuppa before getting to the station but in reality I know that its really not going to be bliss it will look more like this.

The boys get up really early clamber over into my bed before they start squabbling about who is laying which side of the bed, I get up bring them down stairs, give them breakfast they both refuse to eat it, I put the TV on they spend the next half hour arguing about which toys they both want from the adverts on the TV, all this whilst I am running around trying to put my makeup on get dressed - break up the fights.
Next it is time to get the boys dressed, they run off with there clothes decide they don't like what they are wearing, throw tantrums on the floor....... half hour later we are dressed, out the door the boys walking as slow as possible to the child minders.

Once they're there I manage time for a quick kiss and cuddle before practically running back home picking up my case and jumping in the taxi.

phew..... and breath 09.59,  I am on the train heading for London!! time to relax take in the scenery and look forward to a fabulous weekend with lots of wonderful bloggers!

If like me you are on the way to London cant wait to meet you!!


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