Tuesday 10 June 2014

A Daily Dose of Sunshine Childrens Vitamin D Oral Spray #Reveiw

vitamins for kids and children

Although we are into June, just over halfway through the year the weather hasn't been great - we have had some sunshine but the rain seems still to be outweighing the good weather and with the lovely sunshine comes vitamin D.

Its really important that we all get enough vitamin D into our body, as Vitamin D promotes the development and maintenance of bones, teeth, it also helps to support a healthy Immune system and aids muscle development.

Your skin unprotected and its exposure to sunlight is the main source of vitamin D - when I say unprotected I mean with out sun lotion, however on hot days we all know how important it is to wear some sort of sun protective cream especially in children, but the sun is great in small amounts however sometimes with us all using sun protection children don't always get the right amount daily of vitamin D they need.

The months from October to march are the times when we are all less likely to be getting the right amount of vitamin D from our natural source, the sun, also cloudy days and clothing cover will prevent children getting their daily intake.

With the department of health highlighting that children under five are a group at high risk of developing a vitamin D deficiency - it is recommended that children should be given a daily supplement.

DLux Daily Vitamin D supplements have been designed to give children the correct Vitamin D intake without worrying too much if they are getting the right amount from our natural source the sun.

DLux Daily Vitamin D supplements in a unique format, its for oral use but its a single spray a day. there are two different sprays available, the first is for babies and children up to the age of five, it can be used in conjunction with formulation milk, so if you have a baby you can just pop it in the bottle. The Infant spray comes with a delicious natural orange flavour and provides your child with 300iu of Vitamin D

vitamins for kids and children

The second spray format is the Junior spray this is aimed at children five years and over, this comes with a delicious natural peppermint flavour and each single spray contains 400iu of vitamin D

I tried the spray with both my boys and Liam was not so keen on the spray idea and was quite funny about me spraying it in his mouth, however I did spray some on his finger and he tried it, he really liked the taste.
Adam loved the spray he wanted me to do it again as he found it funny the spray tickling his mouth.

I actually tried both of them myself and found that both flavours although are natural, they are quite sweet- too sweet for me, but they are designed for children and most children do love sweet things.
Over all I really liked this product and its made with children's health in mind. The Infant Spray (0-5) is priced at £5.95 and the Junior Spray (5+) is priced at £6.25.

You can find out more about both of these products and more about the importance of vitamin D at www.betteryou.uk.com

I have been sent both of these products for the purpose of this review all opinions remain honest and my own

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